Your Guide to Learning Mindfulness with Place of Serenity

Place of Serenity | Your Guide to Learning Mindfulness at Place of Serenity

You’re a busy individual working hard and juggling the responsibilities of your life. But do you sometimes feel as though you’re a hamster on a tread wheel?

Or you’ve stepped off that tread wheel because life circumstances have changed, yet your mind is still whizzing constantly?

Here’s your Guide to Learning Mindfulness with Place of Serenity

The First Step Your Guide to Learning Mindfulness in 6 Weeks

On the face of things, life looks pretty good. Yet you are struggling to balance anxiety, stress or lack of joy alongside that brave face.

The first step is to acknowledge that you need to do SOMETHING about it. Although you are busy, you know deep down, that you need to get your life back into some kind of balance.

Perhaps you are feeling continually grumpy, short-tempered, unhappy. Or dealing with a series of ill-health issues, panic attacks or general anxiety.

It’s time to step off the treadwheel!

Give Yourself the Time for Learning Mindfulness

So the second step is to commit to making a change, that will provide you with skills to manage your life effectively.

You could GIVE YOURSELF an hour and a half each week over 6 weeks for a Group Course to discover and experience how mindfulness can benefit your life. Or an hour each week over 4-5 weeks if you’d like to work One-to-One with me. This can be done in person or online.

Learning mindfulness is a simple yet profound way to address the internal and external chaos of your life. You want to change how you deal with life’s challenges and live a more authentic life. Place of Serenity | Stress awareness

If you don’t make a decision to learn how to manage your stress or negative emotions, nothing is likely to change. Excess stress, anxiety and lack of joy are not sustainable – something has to give.

An over-burden of these experiences can result in ill-health, either mental or physical. You’re not alone – millions of adults are in the same boat as you.

One conscious breath, in and out, is a meditation.

Eckhart Tolle

The skill of mindfulness teaches you how to bring a greater awareness to your everyday life and to remain calm in challenging situations. Read on here for more details of the benefits of mindfulness and details of the content we cover over a Mindfulness Course, either as a group or one-to-one.

What is Unique about the Course I offer with Place of Serenity?

You will receive 100% input from myself. My intention for you by the completion of the course is for you to have developed a passion for mindfulness and meditation and walk away with valuable life-skills that include a greater sense of inner serenity.

You will feel empowered to negotiate your way gracefully through life’s demands and dare to live a more open-hearted life!  The wise information of your body

I have designed this course so that you have a wealth of information and experiences which cover all the key aspects of mindfulness, including learning more about yourself than you already knew!

The course is designed to be accessible, challenging yet enjoyable. You will build up a great set of resources which include:

  • PDF E-Handbook (or a set of printed resources in some cases)
  • MP3 downloads of guided meditations to help your practice
  • Extra email takeaways to inspire and support you as you learn
  • Video links and other references following each week’s session so you can follow up with more of your own learning
  • You also have access to my frequent blog posts, daily Facebook tips and newsletter, if you so wish

Location for Learning Mindfulness with Place of Serenity

I offer courses around East Hampshire, West Sussex and Surrey. You can also work with me online from anywhere which is what has happened during the Pandemic, and can continue indefinitely.

I can travel further afield to run courses for a specific group of yours if that suited you better (work colleagues, parents, etc) Group sizes are flexible.

And my mobile mindfulness can travel to you (within location) for one-to-one sessions.

My background includes teaching so I’ve always had a passion for sharing what I learn in an accessible, down-to-earth way. I’ve also spent many years studying Energy Healing and a variety of modalities. Currently I work with Ciara Young of The Blazing Heart Foundation. This forms an integral part of who I am. More about me and my studies and qualifications here.

Then it’s Up to You!

My top 20 meditation and mindfulness quotesIf you sign up for a Mindfulness Course you  need to be committed to practice. This is a commitment to yourself.

Studies in Neuroscience show that you can transform the neural pathways of your brain by practicing your new mindful habits daily, over a period of 6-8 weeks.

It’s just like learning any new skill – a musical instrument, a new language or a new healthy habit.

When you are leaning mindfulness with Place of Serenity, I provide you with a variety of easy exercises alongside your meditations, so there is always something you can implement, even for the busiest of people.

  • Read here for comments from students who have attended a 6-week course, a one-to-one course or a Mindfulness Retreat Day with me.
  • 6-Week Group Course: more details and contact me to chat about booking your place, here.

If you’re not sure yet, you can always sign up for our newsletter which contains useful Mindfulness blog posts and news of all events. If you also have qualms about meditation and what it’s all about, have a look at this checklist of facts and questions, including, ‘do I have to be able to do a double-twisted shoulder stand while balancing a cup of tea on my head’ ? (The short answer is ‘no’)

Your Guide to Learning Mindfulness in 6 Weeks

Taster Here!

Try this Mindful Check-in:


Please do pass on this guide to anyone you know who might benefit from learning mindfulness. So many of us struggle with anxiety, stress or depression.

Yet learning to be mindful in a small group, or one-to-one, to engage in thought-provoking and inspirational sessions is fun and can be life-changing. It could just be the most empowering thing you do for yourself.

And if you’ve already learned to be mindful, either with me or elsewhere, do share a word of encouragement for others, in the Comments box below.


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This updated blog post was first published in July 2015


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