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Every single one of us is creative

I don’t simply mean to be artistic or musical – I mean that you are the creator of your life.

It is utterly unique to you! You create your life, just as you might create your home.

However, it may not feel as though we are in charge of our lives!

As humans, we tend to automatically think in familiar ways and live our daily lives with the same old habits. Joe Dispenza describes it:

‘Our memories make up our internal environment … we remain plugged in to our past self by following a highly routine, unconscious set of automatic behaviours.’

Your Choice to be the creator of your life

So we end up creating the same kind of life, day in and day out. If it’s the life you love, and you are continually inspired and excited by it, then you’ve already nailed it! Place of Serenity | creator of your life

However, for a huge chunk of the population, life doesn’t feel as though you have a choice.

Joe Dispenza says that we develop a synchronicity between the brain and the body:

‘First we begin to feel the way we think and then to think the way we feel.’

This creates a continuous cycle that becomes our ‘state of being’.

So if you wake up feeling anxious or depressed or sad, you go about your day feeling within that range, and end your day feeling that too.

Our minds keep focusing on the same cluster of mood states and we forget that we have a choice about this.

The Brain has a negativity bias

To be fair, as Rick Hanson points out, the human brain has a negativity bias. Our ancestors had to be alert in order to survive, and that negativity bias still runs to this day.

This means that we have to make an active effort to internalise positive experiences and to heal the negative ones.

You may have had an enjoyable day, but you will also notice how easy it is to pinpoint moments when it wasn’t so good. And to enlarge upon those moments until they influence your whole perspective.

What was really a pretty good day, in your mind, has now become a disaster!Place of Serenity | creator of your life

We become aware that we can make a choice in any moment. And that choice can be to focus on the wholesome, joyous or positive rather than the negative.

This is not about quashing the sad or difficult feelings – with meditation we learn a lot about opening up to all of this. What we do know is that you can be the creator of your life by naturally increasing positive emotions within your mind.

Rick Hanson describes it as a way to ‘take in the good’. It’s like bathing in sunshine or a forest. We make a decision to let ourselves enjoy the good moments!

Crazy as it seems, we don’t always do that. Even when enjoyable things are happening, our minds get distracted elsewhere, we dwell on future worries or past conundrums. We don’t let ourselves enjoy the present moment for very long.

A bit of gardening

In order to be the creator of your life, there is pruning and Place of Serenity | creator of your lifeplanting to be done.

Just like weeds in a garden, we need to let go of thoughts and memories that keep arising and negatively influencing our lives.

We then need to choose what we really want to focus on so that we can create that in our lives. Like planting the seeds of joy, love, peace etc.

It’s an exercise I lead my mindfulness clients to do. Just like a real garden, it’s an ongoing process. Let old unhelpful thoughts and beliefs go, focus on what you wish to experience in their place.

Every day you can choose to focus on what you want to create in your life. Qualities and skills you want to become practised at. To feel them and really embody them.

Sometimes in our life it’s not about needing to learn something new, but about reminding ourselves what is feels like to experience joy, mindfulness, contentment and connection with nature.

Live the life you want

Place of Serenity | creator of your life

The more joyous and beautiful experiences you give yourself, the easier it becomes to live that life you want.

  • It starts with a desire – to want to let go of an old habit, whatever that is.
  • You change an action or behaviour eg instead of sitting watching TV, you decide to go for a walk.
  • This choice in turn produces a new feeling (joy, peace, contentment, a new buzz).
  • Give yourself some time to memorise that feeling – maybe turn to it over in meditation, reminding yourself of how good it felt.
  • This can then become part of your new state of being – you create your new reality.
  • It starts really simply with tiny steps related to how you feel, and then builds up to bigger choices in your life/work/relationships.
  • You have become the masterful creator of your life!

I hope this makes sense, and it also works if you are considering a Mindfulness & Meditation Course. Without changing what you do on a daily basis, nothing much in your life will change.

So grab that opportunity for transformation – you really are the creator of your life! Get creating!



‘Buddha’s Brain’ by Rick Hanson

‘Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself’ by Joe Dispenza

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