Your Lionheart


Your 2 minute recording for your Lionheart:

You have a Lionheart

Every breath you take flows through your heart. I like this idea of being connected to your lionheart.

It can be a reminder to help you when you feel overwhelmed, timid or anxious.

Your lionheart

Because ‘Le Coeur’ is French for heart and ‘Cor’ is Latin for heart. Both are closely connected with the word ‘courage’. The courage of a lion.

When you take a few mindful breaths imagine them flowing through your heart. This connects you to the qualities of your heart:

  • kindness
  • tenderness
  • compassion

Direct these qualities towards yourself.

And towards others.

And alongside these big, generous qualities is courage.

That means all of us can be lionhearted.

Place of Serenity | Your Lionheart

Take deep breaths. For courage. For connecting with your heart.

You have the capacity to bring not only strength but kindness to all that you do. You have the choice to be courageously vulnerable and truthful. These are some of your truest powers.

Kindness, tenderness and love are your strengths.

Mindful Breaths and your Heart

Check in with your breathing often. This can be through a few simple mindful breaths or a longer mindful meditation.

‘Within each of us there is the heart of a lion, the courage to simply be who and what we are regardless of others’ opinions or our own fears …’

~ Oriah Dreamer

The above 2 minute recording, is a little meditation exercise I call the ‘Lionheart’.

It is a reminder that you naturally embody all these incredible qualities. You’re simply connecting with them and increasing their power within you.

  • Lightly place a hand to your heart while you inhale and exhale.
  • Remember you are all of these things:
  • Strong
  • Courageous
  • Loving
  • Kind
  • Compassionate
  • Tender
  • Open-hearted

Now you can move on with your lionheart full of love and open-heartedness.

For yourself and towards others!

Further references for courage and an open-heart:

Brene Brown

The work of Brene Brown is all about courage and vulnerability. It’s no coincidence that her courses and website are named, ‘Courage Works’. Through her research Brown found that we show courage when we’re willing to be vulnerable and open-hearted. Check out her website here.

Jack Kornfield

All Jack Kornfield’s work is about the heart. His books include, ‘A Path with Heart’ and ‘The Wise Heart‘. Check out his website here.

And you may enjoy following up on these reads:

5 Meditation Steps to Cultivate Courage by Marianne Elliott

(More about Marianne here).

A Place of Serenity piece: ‘Connect with your Heart’.


I hope you’ve enjoyed this lionheart reminder!


Yvette Jane – Mindfulness & Meditation Guide

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