‘Mind management’ – this is certainly what you were never taught at school! Have a browse, and learn how you can manage stress, negative emotions, anxiety and anger to name a few! Emotional resilience is not a school subject so this round up of blog posts steps in to teach about the power of mindfulness. It enables you to be in charge of your own mind. You’re never too old to learn!

Mind management - be alertNegative Thoughts and the Sabre-Toothed Tiger

If you were to count up the number of negative thoughts you had in a day, how many would there be? My guess is quite a few pop up unbidden! The human brain has a negativity bias and we are alive today because of this …



What you were never taught at schoolHow to be a Jedi Knight – the mind-body connection

Through years of disciplined training and meditation, the Jedi Knight honed body and mind into perfect harmony. Whether you’re a Star Wars fan or not, there’s a lot of interest in the Mind-Body Connection. What exactly does this mean?



ManWhat you were never taught at schoolage Your Anxiety with Mindfulness

Do you find yourself increasingly entertaining negative and anxious thoughts that serve no purpose? You’re not alone. Although a small level of anxiety is normal in your everyday life, when it becomes excessive it can have a huge debilitating impact.



What you were never taught at school - 'mind management'The Simplest Cure for Feeling Under the Weather

When you’re feeling a bit down, overwhelmed with life or going through challenging times you may find yourself resorting to old tried and tested behaviours. There are numerous things we all do. We don’t often stop to think about why we’re doing them, or even connect them to the circumstances that lead to this behaviour.


What you were never taught at school - let goLet it Go!

Do you sometimes find yourself going over and over in your mind, something that you can’t stop thinking about? You can’t relax at night and you wake up with it still on your mind? Your body feels tense and tired.



Mindfulness and angerHow Mindfulness Helps you Shift from Anger to Peace

We’ve all experienced anger. It surges up in a split second. If we react to it, our actions may cause us to feel guilt, shame or further resentment afterwards. The emotion floods our body and that wave takes no more than 90 seconds to move on. Yet we can be ruminating over it, gathering the momentum of our story for hours or even days afterwards. Do you recognise that?


Calm in a queueFind Calm in a Queue

Are you stuck in a queue? At the supermarket, bank or bus stop? You might be experiencing impatience, anxiety or even anger. But you can use these enforced pauses to be more mindful and get into a balanced, calm and peaceful space. You don’t believe me? Here’s how.


Mind managementHow to Stop Worrying and Be Happy

Are you happy? Do you find yourself worrying and constantly ruminating negatively over the same old things? On the surface your life is quite normal and you put on a good show but deep down, your default setting tends to be gloomy and anxious …  How we perceive things is a personal choice so being happy is a state of mind.

10 out of 10 if you’ve read down to here plus a gold star! 10 out of 10


Mindfulness and Meditation

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