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Active appreciation = what you appreciate increases in value

It seems obvious doesn’t it?

I know I’ve spent much of my life dealing with a lack of self-worth and self-value. Only when I value myself do I draw experiences and people into my life who also value me.

So if you perceive yourself as lacking something in your life, I invite you here, to expand into appreciation and gratitude every day.

Begin with deeply valuing the preciousness of your own existence. By doing so, you increase the value you place on yourself.

Look to nature and see how often we experience the strength and power of the wind, rivers, ocean or fire.

We respect them. And as we are part of nature, we must respect ourselves.

Appreciate yourself

When you deepen into appreciation and gratitude it is not just a mental concept. Deeply ground yourself and embody gratitude. Let every cell of your body vibrate with joy and thanks. Place of Serenity | appreciate

This is the opposite to what you might usually do. It’s often easy to pick holes in ourselves both physically and mentally.

This can then lead to a sense that we’re lacking in some way and we berate ourselves for that.

There might be parts of our body that are not perfect. Maybe with age our body is deteriorating or we have a chronic illness.

Let’s turn this around – your awareness is your power.

Bring your awareness to your body and respect and prize it for how it allows you to do so much. And as you notice all the parts you dislike or that don’t work as you would wish – truly appreciate those too!

Look behind surface appearances and recognise the worth of absolutely everything about you. Since that is what gives you your uniqueness.

In the whole of the world there is no-one like you. Not just physically, but the way you speak, the words you use, the ideas you come up with, everything about you.

Treat yourself everyday with self-esteem and gratitude. Just as each aspect of wildlife has its place in the cycle. Cherish yourself because you’re a part of it too!

Appreciate others as well as challenging situations

With this deepening appreciation you can apply the same idea to all situations, experiences and people. Recognise the worth and intrinsic value of each opportunity that you experience.

This is relatively easy when life is going smoothly and with people we know and love!

Not at all easy when difficult things are happening and we’re at odds with others!

Our natural instinct is to resist and push away at things we don’t want to be experiencing or people we disagree with. Place of Serenity | appreciate

However, look for ways to appreciate these challenging experiences. You might be amazed at the learning that arises.

You might know it as ‘the silver lining’ or the Buddhist phrase: ‘No mud, no lotus’.

Keep practicing appreciation and gratitude whatever the circumstances. I’ve found that it is an instant means of feeling uplifted and positive.

Be curious when you appear to be experiencing difficulties. Look behind the obvious and see what you can learn from a challenging situation or person.

Appreciate what is

What is = everything

What isn’t = the illusion of what appears to be lacking

We often focus on what we don’t currently have in our lives. So we focus on increasing our finances, search for love, look forward to retirement etc. We’re on a never-ending quest for satisfaction in some way or another.

But this is an invitation to you to focus on what you currently have as it is. Focus on deeply embodying gratitude and this then amplifies the blessings you already have.  Place of Serenity | appreciate

It’s like bringing a childlike quality to your life. A child is joyful and happy in the moment. She is not looking to the future.

As adults we tend to constantly move on from the present moment and wish ourselves somewhere else, in a different situation or having more of something we perceive we lack.

So whatever we currently have and are in the midst of, choose to focus on this. With your full attention of appreciation, we can grow more of it.

And when it is situations we really don’t want – bereavement, redundancy, relationship break-up – be present with it. See how there might be aspects for gladness, appreciation and gratitude even in the darkest situations.

Your ability to connect with appreciation and joy can be your absolute life-safer. And gives you the resilience and optimism to keep going through very tough times.

How to deeply embody gratitude:

Let yourself feel grounded, completely connected to the earth and world around you.

Move from your busy mind towards your heart centre.

Soften your muscles and breathe deeply into your heart and abdomen.

Focus on being alive.

Place of Serenity | appreciate

Feel deeply into gratitude for all you have in your life in front of you right now.

Let the warmth and joy that comes from appreciation spread throughout your body.

Let this be a daily practice.

Write down your daily blessings/things to be grateful for. This amplifies appreciation and gratitude and helps you tap into your deep reserves of joy, always there but easily overlooked.

Amplify appreciation and gratitude in your life

Maybe you are asking the reason why?

The greatest answer is that you will find life evolves in quite magical ways when you mindfully appreciate.

With this skill, you open yourself to receive more of what you really want. Your whole body and mindset vibrates at a higher level of love and trust.


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