What is Inclusiveness?

Place of Serenity | Inclusiveness

This is Inclusiveness

That sunset each evening and sunrise each morning – incredible, awe-inspiring, multi-coloured! A wonderful display for your eyes.

You’re included every day if you wish to turn up!

All weather inclusiveness! Everyone experiences the rain, storms, snow and sunshine. No one is exempt, according, of course, to where you live.

And any one of us who is lucky enough to have the gift of hearing, can listen to birdsong. You don’t have to go to some particular place or pay for front row seats. You will have your own unique birds that live where you live.

Enjoy them!

We do the Opposite of Inclusiveness

Yet as humans, we do an awful lot of excluding, the opposite of inclusiveness.

Exclusive clubs for those who pay.

Bullying other kids at school or colleagues at work by excluding them, sending them to Coventry, so they are left out.

Excluding humans who travel to our country because they’re escaping exceptional circumstances.

Exclusion of all kinds based on random human judgments.

Place of Serenity | Inclusiveness

Inclusiveness = All Welcome

With inclusiveness we share one another’s strong points. We support one another through all times; tough and more easeful.

Many of us wish for all people to be lifted up and included. Those who have notoriously experienced being excluded, deemed inferior, valued less.

We can then all benefit from one another’s unique qualities and gifts.

Respected and valued. In the workplace where we can create a culture of inclusion and belonging.

And in our own homes.

I know this is a simple post – but sometimes we need reminding of the simplest things. Mindfulness asks you to question what you take for granted.


Yvette Jane – Mindfulness & Meditation Guide

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