Trust Yourself


When making decisions – do you trust yourself?

You’re sitting on your own, in your home. You’ve changed out of your work clothes and you’re relaxed. No-one is around. Who are you when everything else has dropped away? Your name, age, religion, job title and any other labels you have for yourself no longer define you in this moment. How often do you allow time to trust yourself?

It’s a powerful thing to trust yourself. So powerful that I therefore named my business ‘Place of Serenity’ because that quiet inner space is where you learn to trust yourself and your inner wisdom. Being able to meditate or at least step away from busy-ness, means that you have the powerful ability to connect in with your inner quiet space – your own personal place of serenity.

How do you do this?

Be present by watching your breath.

This allows you to step back and become aware of your thoughts and emotions.

Notice whose voices and opinions seem loudest in your mind.

Become aware of your own body indicating how you feel – you might identify fear in your stomach or heaviness in your heart.

Keep grounded.

You thus connect in with yourself; you listen in to you, just you.

We have all a better guide in ourselves, if we would attend to it, than any other person can be.

Jane Austen, Mansfield Park

Group thinking and self trust

To illustrate the importance of your own self trust, I heard this 12 minute radio programme discussing ‘Group Think’ recently. ‘Group Think’ is how we can be influenced by others more than we might like to admit. We conform with other people even when we really know differently.

Group Think is how you might have felt when you were a child at school. When everyone else is giving the wrong answer you find yourself agreeing because you simply want to fit in (even though you know the right answer!) It not only happens with children, but as adults too.


So when it comes to making decisions, big and small, do you trust yourself? Your key strengths as a human being include a self-confidence in your own values and holding on to your own integrity. Sometimes we need to stop and consider what we really think for ourselves. Not what others think. Or the articles on the internet. Or the newspapers. Or our families, friends and work colleagues.

Just me!

Me. As I sit on my own. I learn to trust myself and to trust my own inner wisdom. It could be the bravest thing I ever do.

Self trust is the essence of heroism.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Don’t be afraid to stand out from the crowd. Trust yourself. Meditation nurtures this powerful skill!

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Mindfulness and Meditation


Yvette Jane – Mindfulness & Meditation Coach

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