Place of Serenity | trust yourself What does it mean to trust yourself?

I have been quiet recently online and with my usual blog posts. The chaos going on around us in the world is like a turbulent ocean. Rather than be swept around at the mercy of the crashing waves, I dive deep beneath to the calm and I connect with the serenity within. Place of Serenity | flow in the deep

The stillness, beauty and magic are within you too. And it’s OK to step back and simply be still.

Stop to check in and listen

Your still place allows you to listen in and nurture yourself with what you need.

As you trust yourself you can learn to honour your own uniqueness instead of berating yourself for not being ‘good enough’ or whatever else your inner critic says.

Trust yourself and surrender to the ebb and flow of life.

Breathe deeply to enter this space.

Trust yourself

This capacity to trust yourself and trust in the flow of life is needed before you can experience the peace.

When you let go of all the self-judgments and the rushing about, stop floundering and breathe easy, an inner doorway opens up. Move through this to go deeper within.

Surrender. And peace follows.

Common shared experiences

For many women in particular, there are common shared experiences. Not for everyone, but for many – lacking self-value and confidence may feel familiar.

This is borne from eons of time when countries, institutions like schools, hospitals and religions, plus families, have been dominated by distorted masculine qualities of power, aggression and greed.

Huge swathes of humanity have thrived at the expense of others.

More women today are rising up because we won’t tolerate inequality any more. It’s not a battle against something, but an inner intention to increase consciousness amongst both women and men.

Place of Serenity | Trust yourself to reinstate your flow of life

Enter your own inner being to reinstate your value, beauty and incredible uniqueness. If you can’t feel these things, then that’s a sure sign they have been buried deep within you.

They are there! Trust yourself!

Despite being undervalued and treated as ‘less than’, the time has now come to change outmoded behaviour. When you truly feel you are of value, unique and incredible, nothing will stop you engaging in a more deeply satisfying life.

When you value and respect yourself it will be reflected in your experiences.

It flows through you

How do I know? Because something incredible flows through the trees, rivers and oceans, the wildlife and the unfathomable universe. It’s something I have several names for, one is ‘Infinite’.

It is never ending, in fact possibly beginingless. Place of Serenity | Nature

There are many names for it. None are wrong. You find what rings true for you. Life energy (Chi, Prana) or love, flows through every cell of your body. And through every human and sentient being on the planet.

So however low, disillusioned, or unsuccessful you feel, start with yourself. Within you. When you remember that you have infinite energy, love and power flowing through your veins, anything is possible!

Trust yourself!

Your power

Place of Serenity | Trust yourself and the flow of your beautiful life

Trust the flow of your own body and of the world that you come into contact with.

And I don’t mean every one of us is going to rise up and become heroines in the world, unless you wish to! It can mean that much of what you do becomes more joyous and meaningful.

Even when you are facing challenges, you can create a beautiful life when you acknowledge your own self-worth.

This is your power.

Place of Serenity | Flow of life

And just to finish, I won’t whitewash, there are challenges I continue to face. Even though mindfulness and meditation are integral to my life, it doesn’t stop daily challenges and uncertainties that we all struggle with.

Yet each day I go within and nurture self-love, self-honouring of my uniqueness, self-value and much more. Every day is a learning experience which flows perfectly.

I invite you to explore your own deep place of wisdom and serenity. Dive in because the treasures are all there! We often think we have to stride out into the world and make things happen. My reminder to you is that it starts within your own self.

Keep on with your mindfulness and meditation. Let it take you deeper so you can live a more heart-felt life. Keep trusting that you can surrender into the flow!

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  1. Ciara on 15/11/2019 at 8:01 pm

    Beautiful post Yvette, what a gorgeous message!

    • Yvette on 15/11/2019 at 8:33 pm

      Thank you so much Ciara!

  2. Jannie Legez on 16/11/2019 at 11:50 am

    Dearest Yvette, I clearly felt your essence when I was reading this post…your beauty and strength within 🙏😘

    • Yvette on 16/11/2019 at 9:43 pm

      Thank you so much Jannie! Lovely to hear from you!😘

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