Place of Serenity | transform yourself with mindfulness You can transform yourself with mindfulness!

Ditch aspects of auto-pilot that no longer serve you and develop your capacity to be more aware and present.

Consider that for 95% of the time we behave on auto-pilot. On a daily basis we turn up in our lives with ‘unconscious habits and hardwired beliefs, attitudes and perceptions.’ (Dr Joe Dispenza)

Every one of us has this ability to be more mindful. And it really can be transformative. Because we’re transforming how we think and feel. Here’s how:

Transform Yourself with Mindfulness and Overpower Your Inner Critic

Take your inner critic, for example. It’s 24-hour constant berating may be persistent and unkind.

Like a hard taskmaster – it’s always pushing you to do better yet is always feeling dissatisfied. It is your harsh inner critic that stampedes through your mind like an uninvited bully who stomps all round your home. Why do you put up with it?Place of Serenity | transform your life with mindfulness

Transform yourself with mindfulness because when you practice mindfulness you become aware of what thoughts you choose to focus on.

In this instance, the choice is to focus on more constructive and loving inner thoughts.

The self-critical beliefs don’t disappear overnight, but you learn to become far more skilled at living with such a destructive character.

And I’d just like to plant a tiny seed of thought: everything about you is perfectly unique. So you could simply reply to your inner critic by saying, ‘Yes, and so this is me!’

Self-compassion and kindness

Self-compassion and kindness can feel deeply transformative.

Because you discover that some of your knee-jerk reactions include a resistance to these words ‘self-compassion’ and ‘kindness’. They perhaps don’t sit well with you in your busy life.Place of Serenity | transform yourself with mindfulness

That’s OK! It’s part of the job of mindfulness to start questioning and being curious about which aspects in your life have been overlooked. And why.

For mindfulness you could even replace with the word kindfulness, the term coined by Buddhist monk Ajahn Brahm.

It’s a means of bringing mindful kindness to yourself. Kindness towards yourself and out towards others. It can transform your life when you shift your inner critic from tough task-master to a kind wise inner friend!

And here’s a brilliant piece on the often under-estimated quality of kindness I invite you to read and chuckle along to!

Soften and expand

You know that feeling where your body gets tighter and more tense as you crash through the day getting tasks completed or as your mind dances with more demons? Mindfulness gives you the tools to expand into calmness rather than constrict into further tension.Place of Serenity | transform yourself with mindfulness

When you notice the tension in your body, you have the choice to soften your muscles – face, shoulders, thighs.

Then let the moment expand gently, a bit like releasing a long sigh.

You can feel an enormous sense of achievement when you realise that it’s not just getting something done, it’s HOW you get it done. And done with kindness and calmness, towards yourself and towards others, makes a huge difference.

Transform yourself with mindfulness – more benefits

There are so many advantages to bringing your mindful presence into life. I teach mindfulness and meditation because it means everything to me in my own life. And I love to share that!Place of Serenity | Transform yourself with mindfulness

Here’s a quick list of more benefits mindfulness can offer. Any or all of these could be transformative for you:

Take deeper breaths, which lowers your blood pressure and slows down your heart-rate. (Your Parasympathetic Nervous System often needs a nudge to help you feel more relaxed).

A powerful pause before you speak can prevent you blurting something out which you immediately (or later) regret. It’s hugely empowering. It can transform your relationships.

Slow down! When you eat and drink. Let yourself savour the tastes and aromas. These are some of the most simple pleasures in life.Place of Serenity | transform yourself with mindfulness

As you walk from room to room either at home or work, be super-alert of your posture and how you move.

This may well be in contrast to dashing round like a headless chicken, building up stress along the way.

There are plenty more benefits of mindfulness practice, this post by Elise Bialylew gives 5 scientific reasons to practice mindfulness meditation.

YOUR future

As you may well be feeling at odds with the world right now, the greatest resource you have is yourself. You are the starting point for change in your life. You have the capacity to go within and access your rich inner wisdom.

Be empowered and transform yourself with mindfulness.


Yvette Jane – Mindfulness & Meditation Guide

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