How to Train to Get Buddha’s Brain

The Buddha began his life with the same brain as any of us.

How did he change his brain to become such a role-model for peace and wisdom? And is it possible that you can train to get Buddha’s brain?

train to get Buddha's brain

Buddha’s Brain

In his book, ‘The Practical Neuroscience of Buddha’s Brain‘, Rick Hanson draws on the latest neuroscience research.

He combines this with investigating how Siddhartha (Buddha) taught virtue, mindfulness (which he also called concentration) and wisdom. Buddha modelled how each of us can shape our minds for ‘greater happiness, love and wisdom.’

Hanson says, “We still don’t have a complete understanding of the relationship between the mind and brain, but our basic understanding at present is that ‘the mind is what the brain does.'”

Brain Training

Our brains are constantly attempting to make things permanent. So by practicing mindfulness and meditation each day, we are effectively ‘re-training’ our brains.

How we behave and think each day, becomes deeply engrained in our brains. Buddha’s experience was based on daily repetition of meditation.

His teachings encourage us not just to be mindful. Hanson details the fascinating evidence on what happens when we shift our thought patterns towards kindness, compassion and empathy.

The blend of scientific facts and meditation practice makes this book a thoroughly worthwhile read.


Another useful title by Rick Hanson: ‘Hardwiring Happiness

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