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Perhaps you have some quiet time over the festive season to sit back and relax! I’ve collated the top 8 most popular blog posts from this year. In case you missed some of them or a title here catches your eye. Enjoy!Place of Serenity | ruminating thoughts

1 How to Unhook from Ruminating Thoughts

You know the ones – the unhelpful thoughts, memories and worries that are insistent and pretty tenacious! Be kind to yourself because we all have minds that do this! More …

Place of Serenity | Live from your heart2 What does it Mean to Live from your Heart?

How can you live from your heart instead of inside your mind with it’s linear thinking, logical thoughts, problem-solving and story-telling? Follow your breath and notice your posture and find yourself moving towards your heart-space. More …

Place of Serenity | Everyone is your teacher 3 Everyone is your Teacher

You know the people who press your buttons? They stir strong emotions within you. Everyone is your teacher and there are always learning opportunities! More …

Blog posts of Place of Serenity 4 Mindfulness can be as easy as ABC

Right now, before you start a conversation, on getting home from work, as soon as you wake in the morning… empower yourself with mindfulness! These 3 tiny letters might help: ABC More …

Blog posts of Place of Serenity 5 How to Honour & Value Yourself

Today we live in a society that places value on financial wealth. But I don’t want to focus on that, let’s look instead at how every single one of us has value, and how it’s not related to finances of any kind. More …

Place of Serenity | wisdom is within6 Trust Yourself – Wisdom is Within

Sometimes we forget to listen to the answers that are already sitting quietly within us. There is a powerful simplicity to checking in to your own intuition. Peace, joy, wisdom, love – they are all deep within you. More …

Place of Serenity | Blog posts7 In Each Moment you always have Power

Any challenging situation in which you find yourself, you always have power. ‘What we get from each moment depends on the attention we give it, and the quality of our experience reflects the quality of our awareness.’ ~ Roger Walsh

More …

Place of Serenity | appreciate8 What you Appreciate Increases in Value

Active appreciation = what you appreciate increases in value

So if you perceive yourself as lacking something in your life, I invite you here, to expand into appreciation and gratitude every day. When you deepen into appreciation and gratitude it is not just a mental concept. Deeply ground yourself and embody gratitude. Let every cell of your body vibrate with joy and thanks.  More ….


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