Top 10 Mindfulness Gifts

Top 10 Mindfulness Gifts

Updated list for Christmas 2017

You have been practicing your mindfulness and meditation as best you can this year. It keeps you calm and relaxed. And connects you to your inner wisdom.

Of course you know it’s always down to you to make the choice to be present. However, the other kind of presents are also very welcome to keep you inspired (for Christmas or any time!) So here are my recommended top 10 Mindfulness Gifts:

Top 10 Mindfulness Gifts

1. Meditation Stool: Sitting on chairs is fine but if you suffer with back-Top 10 Mindfulness Giftsache or neck-ache, this meditation stool is a great way of keeping an upright posture more comfortably. You can even get fitted cushions on them too.

Word from Yvette: I love my meditation stool and wouldn’t be without it!


Top 10 Mindfulness Gifts 2. Ayan Ultrasonic Aroma Water Diffuser, Humidifier, Ioniser and Air Purifier with Colour Changing Light. This is great for filling the room with beautiful aromas, for meditating or any time.

It’s also safe to use in the kids’ bedrooms, to help them rest and sleep well. Use lavender at bedtime, and when they have coughs and colds use Eucalyptus.
Word from Yvette: There are many diffusers on the market, this happens to be the one I have and found it’s very good.


Top 10 Mindfulness Gifts3. Aromatherapy oils for use with your Diffuser (see 2) and for so many other uses. Lavender is a great all-rounder. Other  uplifting oils are Bergamot, Lime, Geranium, Cedarwood, Vetiver and Ylang ylang. Tea-tree can also be added to the medicinal oils like Eucalyptus and Lavender. Build up your own range of aromatherapy oils!
Word from Yvette: I always carry a bottle of lavender oil when I travel. It’s just so versatile.  It’s fun to mix fragrances and find unique aromas.


Mindfulness Bell App 4. FREE APPS – There is a huge number of apps out there to help you meditate. This one is free and I continue to find it so helpful. It is a MINDFULNESS BELL that gives a single ring at random times during the day. So it works as a present-moment reminder. Another practical app is Insight Timer – to time your meditation sessions so you don’t over-run.  Give this as a gift to yourself or ask a family member to help you download them.

Word from Yvette: I know many will scoff, but if you don’t know how to download apps and other free stuff from the internet, someone’s gift of time to you, to help you learn, is a priceless gift.



Louise Hay Power Cards

5. Louise Hay Power Thought Cards or Louise Hay Wisdom Cards

Keep these beautiful packs of cards in the kitchen to dip in and be inspired whenever you like.
Word from Yvette: I have endless packs of cards and Louise Hay’s are pretty much for ANYONE to use as daily uplifting reminders. You can’t go wrong with either of these decks of beautifully illustrated cards.




6. CaTop 10 Mindfulness Giftsndles – beeswax candles are especially welcome.

Word from Yvette: simple tealights are cheap and easy to use. Votives and holders can be special and make great gifts too. I love my rose quartz candle holders which give off a beautiful rose-pink light when lit. Either way, lighting a candle before you sit to meditate can become a wonderful ritual as you set your intention to meditate and focus.


Top 10 Mindfulness Gifts7. Himalayan Salt Lampread here about the benefits such as the fact that they are good for keeping the air fresh. I especially like their lovely source of homely light, particularly good in the winter months.



Top 10 Mindfulness Gifts
8. Mindful Colouring Books and Felt-tip Pens – The shop shelves continue to be full of Mindful Colouring Books. A big selection can be found here.

Word from Yvette: I still remember as a child, the magical feeling on receiving brand new packs of felt-tip pens. I couldn’t wait to get colouring with them! Mindful colouring can take you to a whole new world of focus, calm and pure enjoyment.


Top 10 Mindfulness Gifts 9. Blanket or shawl – something lovely and soft that you can wrap around your shoulders when you sit to meditate. Ideas from John Lewis and IKEA.

Word from Yvette: Blankets are beautiful things, bringing comfort and warmth, and can become part of your calming ritual when you meditate. They can also hold good memories if you’ve bought a hand-made blanket on your travels.


Mindful Morning10. Books – This year continues to be one of great changes. When you meditate you are still part of this world. It’s not a form of escape! Being mindful is a way of ‘waking up’ to things we have taken for granted. So here are a couple of great reads to keep up with the world’s changes and to consider change within yourself:

Plus: Still available as stocking fillers – two little books which make great gifts any time of the year – Mindfulness for Mums and Mindfulness for Every Day  (both by Yvette Jane)


Word from Yvette: None of the above ideass have been sponsored – they are simply my suggestions. I can’t reiterate enough that none of them  are necessary in order to become more mindful or to meditate. But I hope you find among the list some enjoyable helpers as you give yourself time to relax and nurture your own personal peace!


Mindfulness and Meditation

Yvette Jane – Mindfulness & Meditation Coach



This blog post updated 16 November 2017



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