It’s the countdown to Christmas and it can be easy to succumb to festive frazzle. Tips to reduce festive frazzle

You know the feeling? You get caught up in a snowstorm of activity, shopping and extra commitments on your time.


So here are some simple tips

to reduce festive frazzle and help you glide calmly through your day:

• Commit to less – say no to some requests that come your way. This allows you to intersperse busy times with plenty of relaxation and quiet time for yourself and your loved ones. Tips to reduce festive frazzle

• Keep it simple! You might use this mantra for the food you prepare, presents you are choosing to give and entertainment you are organising.

• Notice your expectations. Sometimes we have a fixed idea of how we want things to be. The most stress-free way to enjoy the holiday season is to be present in each moment. Release the need for things to be super perfect!

• Prioritise rest and self-care. Stress builds up and leads to short tempers, misunderstandings and general overload. By making sure you remain rested and happy, your mood will remain buoyant. Christmas can turn out to be enjoyable for everyone, you included!

All of the above are simple, common-sense strategies to take.

There is also another effective skill for coping with Christmas chaos:


Place of Serenity |Stay frazzle-free

Cat jumped up and pulled down the Christmas tree?

Colleague makes a rude remark about your sparkly Christmas outfit?

In-laws are threatening to stay an extra few days over Christmas?

For all these experiences and similar: you will note that your immediate response is a knee-jerk reaction.

So instead:

  • Stop!
  • Focus on your breath
  • You can then decide whether a string of expletives will help the situation or a light-hearted quip could work better

If the above suggestion feels extremely unreal as a means of behaviour, don’t worry! This illustrates the power of the habits we get used to living with.

If you are intrigued to know how you really can implement positive changes in your life look up ‘Mindfulness courses’ on your internet, in the area you live.

Last tip for the festive season:

Remember what’s important! Place of Serenity | Tips for festive frazzle

  • time spent with loved ones
  • generosity and gratitude
  • enjoying heartfelt traditions
  • and if it’s relevant to you, honouring the original spirituality of this time of year

So enjoy the coming festive weeks – frazzle-free!

Mindfulness and Meditation Yvette Jane – Mindfulness and Meditation Coach at Place of Serenity




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