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Are you feeling overwhelmed with work right now? Maybe you are experiencing anxious thoughts that feel like they might burst out of your head? Or are you exhausted simply from juggling life?

Time out for the incredibly busy person!

For many people, and you may well be one of them,  time out is in short supply.

The demands of work and your responsibilities towards others, push their way upfront. While time for yourself seems to be non-existent.

Time Out for the Incredibly Busy Person

It’s easy to get stuck in a rut too. Same work agenda, home routine, relationship rut. It’s good to do something different.

Give yourself time for your own space, peace and calm. Time to listen to yourself, just you!

It has to be a pro-active choice. You firstly need to be aware that it’s time for a break – a day off. Some time out.

Listen to yourself. Perhaps you’re sleeping less well recently. Or you find you haven’t got to your regular exercise class because you’ve been too busy. Or you are numbing your feelings with long hours of TV or extra glasses of wine.

Time and Space

So you know you need a tiny break; a reboot for your mind perhaps. You might already have a few things you do to relax and get away.

Sit and quietly listen to what you and your body feels it needs: a day out shopping, a trip to a spa or a long country walk?

Or you may feel you want some real inner space combined with some learning. This might be in the form of a class once a week over 6 weeks on a Mindfulness Course.

This wouldn’t necessarily be a soft option. You need to be courageous to make this choice. It might be easier to do something more familiar. But sometimes, such challenges open up immense possibilities. All you need is to give yourself the time and space.

Just one day

Some of the most life-changing experiences for me, followed on from a simple day that was new and a little out of my comfort zone!

One time, about 2003,  I went to a one-day workshop in London to see Dr Brenda Davies.

Two months later I was in Zambia, learning more about energy healing with Brenda. This then led on to a two year diploma and a change in career. So don’t underestimate the power of time out!

Time Out for the Incredibly Busy Person

Learn to be mindful

I teach adults skills to deal resiliently with stress, anxiety and overwhelm. It means scheduling some peaceful time out from your busy life.

It can be difficult to remember to be mindful in everyday life. When you experience a course dedicated to mindfulness you have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the subtle power of mindfulness.

If you work with me, I can’t promise you exotic travels, but it might sweep the cobwebs out! I’d also love to hear if you have taken a day out or a short course, and it’s given you far more than you ever knew it could?


Place of Serenity


Yvette Jane – Mindfulness & Meditation Coach


If you wanted to take more than a day out to be mindful, 3-6 days perhaps, see here for my experience at Sharpham Barn Retreat, Devon.


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