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When I started my business I named it ‘Place of Serenity’ because my surroundings were peaceful. I enjoyed the South Downs with their gentle green slopes and trees.

And I liked the double meaning that we can all carry our own place of serenity and stillness within us.

This stillness is there for us to access any time. I picture it within the area of my heart. Like the work of the heart, it contains a quiet strength and resilience.

‘Our miracles and life’s magic don’t appear when we’re restless and frantic. The miracles and magic happen when we’re still, quiet, calm, and trusting.
Each of us has favourite items and places that help to calm and quiet us. What stills our mind? A walk in the park, a special place in the city, a quiet room? An old chenille robe? A rock, a cross, a picture, a candle?
Use these places and things to find that place of stillness in yourself. Find the power in stillness. It’s a power that comes gently like the morning sunrise or the evening stars.
Take time each day to seek out stillness, to find that sacred spot. Let your mind and soul be at ease. Don’t grasp or grab for the magic and miracles. When you reside in that place of stillness, the joy, miracles, and magic you’re seeking will find you.’

Melody Beattie, ‘Journey to the Heart’ *

Finding a Place for Stillness

For many of us, stillness, calm and quiet provide opportunities to replenish and re-charge. Without access to this, life is just too crazy.

Others may thrive on being busy, but I like to think that strength and quiet power go hand in hand with serenity, peace and contentment.

Stillness and calm is not just for people who are in the slow lane of life. It’s a powerful skill you can develop and a tool you can use.

Be on the look-out for places that encourage stillness. You may have a quiet corner in your own home where you can sit undisturbed. There might be a bench in your local park or a window-seat at work. Seek out these places even for a minute!

You might notice when your heartbeat speeds up and lets you know you are feeling anxious. Equally, when you make some time to get still and watch your breath, you can notice how your heart-beat slows down. It becomes steady and smooth.

Whether you are about to make an important work decision, tackle a challenging task or undertake a speech in front of a large group of people, you can become still and connect in to your inner power.

Stillness in Nature

Nature is resilient, yet it’s healing. Simply resting your eyes out of the window onto some green leaves can feel like you are resting for a second in gentleness.Place of Serenity | seeking stillness

Research has shown that people’s heart recovery rate from minor stress drops when they are exposed to a natural scene through a window.**

Hospitals, schools and work places can enhance everyone’s ability to stay calm if a little bit of nature can be cultured within reach. You only have to stop and look at it to benefit.

The power of stillness is always accessible – check into it often!

I’d love to hear where your places for stillness and calm are!


*Melody Beattie is the author of several inspirational books, including, ‘Codependent No More’ and ‘The Language of Letting Go’.

** Stressed? Give the TV a miss and look out the window



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Place of Serenity | Place of Serenity






This blog update was first out on 11 April 2015

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