The Truth about Why you Need Mindfulness

You’re a busy person. You feel that you don’t have time to slow down.

So here is the truth about why you need mindfulness and what could it mean for you.

Mindfulness means ‘awareness’

Another meaning for ‘mindfulness’ is ‘awareness’.

So, if are always rushing on to the next moment, what happens to the one you are in?

Why do you Need Mindfulness?

Without awareness, it’s easier to make mistakes, you may not do such a good job, you mainly behave on auto-pilot with your thoughts and your actions may be disjointed from each-other.

At some point you may well crash and burn.Place of Serenity | Mindfulness

Or you continue to react to situations in the same old way eg. with anger or with frustration.

So mindfulness is about being more alert to what you normally do, and becoming more aware that you could do it differently and with more presence.

It’s also about awareness of your body’s emotional and physical needs. Plus being mindful raises your levels of conscious awareness.

Why you need mindfulness – For Objectivity

Mindfulness means that you are better able to be objective.

So when you meet daily challenges, you take a couple of focused breaths before you respond, then deal with them calmly. It allows you to deal with many situations more effectively.

It’s better than being caught up in drama and responding with a knee-jerk reaction.

Why you need mindfulness – For Better Relationships

Mindfulness not only helps you behave with more awareness and focus, but can have a huge impact on your relationships – at work and in your personal life.

I was listening to a hostage negotiator on Radio 4, and much of what he spoke about was about ‘listening’ to what someone else is saying.

For much of the time, we don’t really listen – we often have our own agenda, mentally working out what we will say next, rather than really hearing what the other person is saying. Place of Serenity | Be mindful

We tend to bring a whole back-catalogue to the table, especially if it’s family members we are speaking with.

Instead, the truth about why you need mindfulness is because it encourages you to listen to the person here and now. Without past prejudices and expectations.

So continue being a busy person – but by learning to be mindful, you are busy in a more effective way.

If you are a leader, a boss, a parent, a partner – those around you will respond better if you are clear-headed, focused and generally more mindful.

Your health is also incredibly important, and with 10.4 million working days a year being lost through stress-related illnesses, who can’t afford to be more mindful of their health?

It’s a life-long skill. Make time to learn how to incorporate mindfulness into your life!

Who else leads a busy life and has placed mindfulness and wellbeing centre-stage?

Ruby Wax:
‘I practise mindfulness, which involves letting my garbage go through my brain but always bringing my focus to my breathing. It’s not something I ‘believe in’ – I know from brain research what’s going on, so it’s not a holy thing. I try to do it every morning, or failing that I do it in a taxi or on a train.’

Sally Boyle, head of human capital management at Goldman Sachs:
‘In years to come we’ll be talking about mindfulness as we talk about exercise.’

The all-party group’s chairman, Labour MP David Lammy:
‘It has been eight years since David Cameron first declared his intention to measure wellbeing, and in that time the financial crisis has shifted many people’s priorities. But in fact wellbeing matters more, not less, in times of economic difficulties.’

Yvette – Mindfulness and Meditation Guide

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