The Treasure of Hope

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Great Hope for the New Year

At the start of the new year, you may be experiencing great hope for things to come. Hope is a deep feeling of trust and belief that good things will happen and you are capable of achieving them.

Alternatively, you might be feeling a hopelessness. This might show up as despair, doubt and depression. You may have looked back at an unsuccessful year. And can see no way of that improving in the coming year ahead. I know this feeling, but wish to remind you not to lose hope.

The treasure of hope

Place of Serenity | flowers and hope

The treasure of hope is hidden within you. It is still there.

All you must do is tap into it. And it can be through very simple things. Rather than looking at the big picture which might be overwhelming, concentrate on the tiny moments.

They are always there – look around. Be willing and open to receive the gifts that this coming year has for you. Anchor yourself with some deep clear breaths.  Trust your own inner power.

Be open to inspiration

Place of Serenity | singing birds

Ignite the power of hope with anything that inspires you for a moment. Make a list of these things that can unhook you from the negative thoughts. Pluck something that fills you with joy and gratitude, like plucking a blackberry from a bush.

Nature. Poetry. Music. Novels. Dancing. Friendship.

Nature in particular is the most brilliant reminder that you are showered with gifts every day. Welcome them!

The sunrise, birdsong, a warm breeze, a snow shower, a babbling river and a night-time stoat-call. (That one has been driving me crazy for almost two years – not knowing what a specific sound was outside my home at night, and then discovering it is the sound of stoats!)

What are some of the bright sparks that lift your heart?

Remember them. Trust them. Feel into the qualities that make your heart sing! Place of Serenity

Hope is what will keep you going and help you achieve any goals you set for yourself this year.

My New Year’s wish for you – that you will have an abundant treasure of hope to endlessly draw upon for a wonderful year of peace and joy ahead!


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