The Still Point

The Still point

The Still Point

How are you able to manage stressful days?

I like the idea that you can become powerful by the use of a pause – a moment of stillness or a still point.

The still point is a momentary stillness.

Sit still for a second or two and follow your breath.

Discover the still point between breathing in and breathing out.

Like a pendulum swing, there is a pause of the most miniscule size! In – pause – out – pause.

Notice how a sense of calm arises with this stillness. You can elongate this stillness too, so that at the end of either inhale or exhale, you hold it for longer.

Other Opportunities for the Still Point

  • Before responding to someone – pause for a mindful breath. It can be a tiny still point that distinguishes a knee-jerk reaction from a considered response. Such a powerful moment! The still point
  • Note the still point between moving and standing still, getting up from your chair and walking on. Take opportunities to stop for a second. Rather than rushing on quickly in a whirlwind of busyness, stay calm and balanced.

‘Add just a few minutes of nothing to your daily schedule, and empty time will begin to work its magic. It will reconnect you with your core self, the source of pure joy you felt in your sweetest memories.’
Martha Beck

A mindful pause, a conscious breath. Use these tiny whispers of power to help you stay balanced and calm. Let still points grace your day.



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