The Simplicity of The Pause

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The Pause and Patience

Sometimes things are so simple that we overlook their worth. Take the power of a simple pause.

A powerful pause opens up space for patience.

Patience might have a ring of worthiness about it. We may even dismiss it in favour of the wilder ‘snap-shot’ decision or ‘just off the top of my head’ solution.

We cannot control our first thought, but we can control our second thought.

Sharon Salzberg

Our initial reaction to something doesn’t have to be acted upon. In this moment we can be patient. We bring the power of mindfulness to the moment. Perhaps we learn to accept things as they happen rather than resist them with reaction or resistance.

Maybe we can slow down our pace. We might also be more willing to go along with some uncertainty. And when we implement a pause, it means there is silence when we really wish to let rip!

The right word may be effective, but no word was ever as effective as a rightly timed pause.

Mark Twain

Your Powerful Pause

Indeed it is a powerful thing!

  • When we care for young children we’re given many opportunities that can test our patience.
  • We might tear our hair out when technology goes wrong. Faulty computers and broken printers for example.
  • Being able to stay calm when we strongly disagree with someone can also be a challenge.
  • It’s important to bring your mindful presence to your reactions. This will help to shift your hasty knee-jerk reaction to a more considered response.

Remember the power of the pause.

It may be unglamorous and simple. Yet if you’re feeling impatient and frustrated inside, watch how you wish to react. Stop. Focus on two or three deep breaths, and see how patience turns out to be your star turn.

Remember you have the power of the mindful pause!



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