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How often do you feel that you have a balanced mind-space?

The phrase ‘all or nothing’ might well be applicable. Feeling the extremes of one emotion to the complete opposite. Impossible to experience a balanced mind-space.

Do you recognise this?

For large portions of the time you have a busy mind full of anxiety. Or sadness, numbness, anger, negativity.

Yet this might be interspersed by little breathing spaces, perhaps at the weekend, where you feel relaxed and at ease.

Then Monday comes round and the anxiety and stress begins all over again.

All or nothing. Complete imbalance.

Create a balanced mind-space with self-compassion

When destructive thoughts and feelings propel themselves into your mind they require attention to stay there.

An obvious example is if you keep feeding your anger or despair by reading/watching/listening to the news. You can live vicariously a life of extreme drama, all from your own kitchen/living room. Each time you switch on that news you’re feeding the negativity.

Yet you have the capacity to choose how to keep feeding your thoughts and experiences. When you acknowledge your thoughts, the process means that you don’t dismiss them, but you call upon self-compassion to support you.

Self-compassion doesn’t deny you are suffering. It opens space to hold it.

Place of Serenity | Balanced Mind-space

Whatever the challenge, you can activate self-compassion to create a balanced mind-space

Do this by feeling into a sense of tenderness and love. You have the capacity to achieve a balanced mind-space when you hold both anxiety and compassion.

The higher vibrations of joy, appreciation, love, tenderness all help to lift you out of the lower anxious, hostile or sad space. You create more balance with a better perspective.

And the great thing about self-compassion is that you already have this tool available to implement at any time. Through maintaining a balanced mind-space your self-compassion opens up to tenderness, love, joy and appreciation.

Add to this list, whichever qualities resonate best for you.

Place of Serenity | Balanced mind-space

A balanced mind-space through self-compassion means you’re not playing the victim. You’re self-sufficient and capable.

Your body is keeping itself physically in balance all the time.

So this is a reminder that with awareness and attention, the simplest way you can maintain your balanced mind-space is with self-compassion.


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