The Remarkable Power of your Awareness

Place of Serenity | The power of your awareness/ Image: Stefan Keller/Kellepics

With the remarkable power of awareness, you can take a step back from your thinking to notice your thoughts and emotions.

– Ah yes, I’m thinking that storyline again.

– Ah yes, I’m feeling that familiar fear/envy/sadness.

Your Awareness is your Consciousness

A moment of Presence, a brief stepping out of the voice in your head, the thought processes, and their reflection in the body as emotion. It is the arising of inner spaciousness where before there was the clutter of thought and the turmoil of emotion.

~ Eckhart Tolle

Your awareness is your consciousness. You become conscious of thoughts and emotions which you were previously unconscious of. Assumptions, prejudices, belief systems, programming from all directions (schooling, medical institutions, religion, media, culture etc). Your awareness allows you to become free of auto-pilot living.

Your Consciousness = Your Awareness (you could also describe it as mindfulness or presence)

Your awareness is also your essence, your spirit. The eternal part of you that will move seamlessly on from your body when it is finished (or not, according to your own ideas on this because this is my interpretation only). Place of Serenity | Highgate Cemetery East Sept 2019

As I walked through a churchyard yesterday evening, I felt how heavy and leaden the gravestones were. All that is buried is the person’s outer form. The essence of a person is gossamer light and can’t be contained. That essence is not buried in the earth, it flies free. We remember those departed through our memories.

I don’t wish to be defined simply by my human-ness, my body, the labels I have amassed (daughter, mother, sister, teacher, neighbour etc). None of that is who I really am. My essence or spirit is the authentic self.

It flies freely through the universe and has no limits. This is the space I can create within and which allows me a deep feeling of peace.

When attitudes of self-pity and victimhood are present, the dreams of the past shape the moment in mediocrity. When we experience the moment in wonderment and joyful discovery, the gateway of the present opens and infinite resources and possibilities rush in to illuminate life.

~ Almine

Awareness Creates Space Within You

You and I can create space between our thoughts and emotions. We can observe them and see how inconsequential they really are. And that we can replace old negative thoughts with positive, loving thoughts which hum with a higher vibration.

Place of Serenity | This too will pass

Your awareness knows that:

This, too, will pass

~ Origin: Works of Persian Sufi Poets

This is a useful phrase to remember. For the difficult or overwhelming experiences. For the wonderful and delightful experiences. Awareness is a remarkable skill that shows you that there is no need to get hooked in with attachment.

Let the inner spaciousness you create with your awareness make every moment peaceful.



This blog post was influenced by my re-reading ‘A New Earth’ by Eckhart Tolle

3 Origins of This Too Shall Pass

The Work of Almine

Yvette Jane

Place of Serenity | Place of Serenity







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