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As Humans, Our Default Setting is For Survival

So fear and anxiety are natural responses to unusual and uncertain times. Any kind of trust and certainty flies out the window. Especially when your income has suddenly stopped and you just don’t know what the present or the future hold.

Anxiety and fear may be our first responses, but don’t despair. See if you can be willing to surrender to what is happening. Truthfully, there is no choice.

The one thing you can do is to trust in yourself.

Why Trust in Yourself?

Do you remember difficult times from your past? In fact every single one of us has experienced unexpected events that arrived out of the blue, gut-wrenching experiences and choices we’ve made that felt scary at the time. Place of Serenity | Hands of trust

You and I are still here. We survived those challenges.

Not only survived, but often those events and experiences forced us or guided us, or set us down, on a new path. In ways that we possibly would never have considered before. We can look back and see the perfection in it all!

Trust in Something Bigger Than You

So however tough things get, retain your trust in the intelligence that flows through this universe. Trust in something bigger than you. Because that same intelligence that flows through plant-life, wildlife, the oceans and the seasons, flows through you too. Place of Serenity | kite-surfer

Think of kite surfers.

They harness the power of the wind and the waves, using their own skills to create a thrilling experience.

These uncertain times may be pushing you off-course, but you are still in charge of your responses.

Without quite knowing where you’re headed at this time, you can either resist and rage against the present, or surrender and trust yourself to flourish.

Combine Your Breathing With These Phrases:

Place of Serenity | Breathe in calm

As you take deep mindful breaths let them create a cocoon of harmony and calm around you. Anchor yourself and stay grounded.

Then as you listen to your feelings there will be inspiration and wisdom. We can already see how lots of people are following their intuition, to create positive outcomes, coming together in all kinds of ways to help others.

Whatever situation you find yourself in, look beneath the fear and anxiety, for the shining beauty and nuggets of inspiration.

We are still here. We’re surviving these challenges. Trust yourself and the planet!


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