The Power of Surrender

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The Power of Surrender might seem like a paradox as you visualise yourself waving a white flag with drooping shoulders and a label displaying ‘FAILURE’.

Yet here’s the thing, resistance is futile

By turning around the meaning of surrender to acceptance, it might make more sense.

If you’ve lost your job, one of your children is ill or you don’t know where you are headed next in life, accept that surrender for this moment, can ease the experience.

Notice how the more you ruminate or worry, feel angry or frustrated, you feel worse. Where your mind goes, your body follows. So the tension, constriction, gut-wrenching, none of them go away. They increase rather than disappear.


While you rage against a situation you’re in, or suppress unwanted feelings, you already know this doesn’t work in the long-term.

Instead, open your arms. Surrender; just as you would while floating on a sea of gorgeous blue water. It holds you afloat.

Until you’ve tried this, it won’t make sense. Sit with this concept of surrender. Relax your muscles. Breathe slowly and deeply.

If you’re a Harry Potter fan you might remember when Harry, Hermione and Ron were entering the Chamber of Secrets. Ron kept fighting the Devil Snare plant that tried to strangle him. ‘He’s not relaxing is he?’ Hermione points out. (If you’re not a HP fan, don’t worry …) Place of Surrender | Surrender

Surrender means you go with the flow. Because an unwanted experience cannot be changed by you, aside from choosing your own attitude.

What may feel like the darkest time invites you to look towards light as if in a tunnel. Choose to focus on uplifting qualities like calm, love, grace, gentleness, quiet joy.

Let these qualities reverberate through every cell of your body until the situation evolves. And you can evolve with it, whatever the outcome.

Your vibrant and uplifted heart will be able to ride the wave.

See how much of your pain, your anguish, your tension arises simply from not trusting the absolute perfection of the present moment… You are not off track. You haven’t lost your way. You’re going somewhere worth going. Somewhere magnificent beyond the ability of your mind to comprehend.

~ Melody Beattie

Place of Serenity | surrender

Surrender and trust yourself

So surrender isn’t a weakness. It allows you to be absolutely present, while maintaining your balance with an optimistic calm.

  • Be patient
  • Real power emerges when you trust yourself
  • Trust what is happening and trust the power of surrender



‘Journey to the Heart’ by Melody Beattie (A lovely book of daily meditations I have had for many years, still a beautiful and uplifting resource)

Yvette Jane – Mindfulness & Meditation Guide

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