The Power of Heart Coherence

Place of Serenity | The Power of Heart Coherence

Joe Dispenza describes ‘Heart Coherence’ as

‘your capacity to cultivate and sustain elevated emotions. These include gratitude, appreciation, kindness, care, compassion, love and joy.’

As humans today, we try to find solutions to our emotions and feelings by using our minds. Yet the mind looks at everything in a polarised egoic way, so our thoughts are boxed into good and bad, right and wrong etc. A million miles off from the feelings of gratitude, appreciation, kindness, compassion etc.

The way we’ve been taught to use our brains:

locks us into a negative space ~ Gregg Braden

because we go straight to polarity and judgment. If we can shift from the mind to the heart, we can create a Heart focus.

The Cherokee describe this as ‘the eye of the heart’ – and it will never judge.

The heart can access our memories in a different way so we can honour our past experiences and let them go rather than holding on to the hurts and repressed feelings. And if we are in discussion with others, we can seek co-operative solutions when we are heart-based in our approach. This is heart coherence.

It works for our own personal relationships as well as for our world. You can see how much of the worlds’ current problems could be approached with solutions from the heart rather than being dictated by the mind. Our experience of the global pandemic has got us all talking a little more about kindness, value, cooperation, mental health, climate change, wellbeing and so on. All can be viewed through the prism of the heart.

We are the Source

We often experience a ‘needy heart’ because we don’t recognize that we are the source of our own reality. We seek validation and help from outside ourselves. Humans tend to look for solutions within the world of material things, with an eye on competition and a basic belief that we’re all separate from one-another and from our planet.

We are the source when we become empowered, and for that we need to go within. This is the simple moment of meditation. We can take time to stop and shift our focus from all the busy, mindless thoughts, into alignment with the heart and body.

3 Simple Steps to Meditate for Heart Coherence:

1 Shift focus: Focus your awareness from mind to heart (you can place your hand or fingers gently on your heart to help you do this)

2 Shift breathing: Regulate your breath – slow it down. This communicates to the brain that we feel safe and elicits the body’s harmonious state of wellbeing.

3 Shift feeling: You have the ability to create the emotion in the heart rather than depending on the outside world. No matter what is happening around you, you can positively choose to feel:

1. Gratitude 2. Appreciation 3. Care 4. Compassion

… give us energy, fill our spirit, leave us feeling wholeness, connection, and unity. This is what it means to access the heart’s intelligence. ~ Joe Dispenza

Place of Serenity | The power of heart coherence

Take one of these choices and draw upon it within yourself. As you focus on it, you establish a feeling of harmony. It can often be easiest for us to think of gratitude. Allow yourself to establish this within you. 3 minutes is the minimum for a state of harmony to occur.

Your short meditation in this way using your heart coherence, is not only uplifting and joyful, but also strengthens your immune system.

Being in Harmony with the Earth

The Earth’s Magnetic Field Line Resonance is measured as 0.1 Hertz.

Individually as humans, we can establish a signal of 0.1 hertz frequency between our own head and heart. When we meditate in the 3-step way mentioned above, we are harmonizing our inner systems and harmonizing with the planet.

When you create this harmony it is recognized by your body as ‘love’ and is in harmony with the earth. ~ Gregg Braden and Institute of Heart Math

So the power of heart coherence is both spiritually and scientifically beneficial in our lives. Over centuries we know that people such as monks, nuns, shamans, healers, indigenous people, have all placed importance on meditation, prayer, connection to nature, cooperation and harmony. These are all connected to the heart space.

Science is now able to see better what is going on in the body using greater technology. There is now no better time to develop your heart coherence and inner wisdom! It is why I describe the work I do here with Place of Serenity, as ‘living from your heart.’

When our heart is open, we are more intuitive, more patient, more connected, more present, more forgiving, and more knowing. That’s why I like to say the brain thinks, but the heart knows. ~ Joe Dispenza


Further Resources:

I wrote this blog post after watching the video:

Harmonising Heart and Brain by Gregg Braden. It is just over an hour long, worthwhile watching.

Short 3-step Meditation from Gregg Braden

The work of Joe Dispenza eg ‘Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself’

‘Molecules of Emotion’ by Candice Pert

The work of Robert Holden eg ‘Loveability’

The work of Mystic and Seer Almine

Blog post on Heart Coherence from Gaia Meditation

Yvette Jane

Place of Serenity | Place of Serenity






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