The Clarity of a Seashore Mind

Place of Serenity | Seashore mind

Footsteps in the sand

Quickly washed away;

The seashore mind.

~ Deng Ming-Dao

A New Day

The seashore mind is like the purity of the beach every time the sand is washed clear by the waves. You could think of each day starting anew, without attachment to previous worries or judgments. A clean slate. An untarnished expanse of day ahead. A non-judgmental approach to your relationships.

It can also be a way of describing mindfulness. To be mindful or to be present each moment, is to allow a clear mind fresh and new with every breath.

Let it Go

The seashore mind can be a reminder for non-attachment. To let go and let be.

As the waves wash the shore, the limpet or the crab, might hold on tightly. Or they may be ready to let go and surrender into the shoreline’s waves. With the ebb and flow of the tide, seaweeds and rocks stay rooted yet open to any direction the wave comes from.

Our human experience can be similar – the choice to hold on tightly or to let go and surrender. The seashore mind invites you to rest within the flow. Notice when your knee-jerk reaction might be to resist what is happening, sometimes with fear. Instead of ‘fighting’ against an experience, allow it ‘to be’.

Buddha suggested that the cause of human suffering arises from craving and attachment.

We Can Learn From Nature

So if you have the chance to be by the sea, watch the movement of the waves and appreciate all the turbulence, movement and noise. See how the waves come crashing in. Feel the tug on your toes as they roll back again.

With great respect for the ocean, we can learn from nature. The seashore mind.


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