The Breath

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You have the most powerful tool to hand. It’s the breath.

Become aware of it whenever you need a moment to become calm and feel peaceful.

You can access your breath anytime. Even amid the chaos, choose to focus on the present moment with awareness of your breath.

Focus on the breath to stay peaceful as you work. This sense of peace and calm will flow through everything you do. Breathe through your nose, deeply into your abdomen and slow down the rhythm of your breathing. Notice how this immediately offers you a sense of re-gained balance.


Let Go of Tension

Place of Serenity | The breath

Keep what is worth keeping, and with the breath of kindness blow the rest away

~ Dinah M. Craik

Tension can build up as you feel overwhelmed with work. So your strategy is to:

  • Stop for a few seconds
  • Notice your feet and get a sense of being grounded
  • Gather up your scattered mind and place your focus in front of you
  • Sense the movements of your breath
  • Make an effort to breathe in and out deeply with mouth closed
  • Notice any tension or frustration that you’re feeling
  • If it’s something you don’t want or need, let it go on the out breath, or ‘Blow away!’
  • Say to yourself, ‘I breathe in calm, I breathe out tension’
  • Visualise your tension/stress/anger, whatever it is, to be flowing out along your limbs with every exhale. Imagine it rolling away through your feet and into the earth
  • Remember everything passes however tough it feels

You empower yourself when you remember your breath!

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