Thanks a Lot!

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Thanks a Lot!

We take a lot for granted and forget to say thanks.

Have you noticed how much of our lives run on assumptions and habits?

We sometimes use the phrase, ‘Thanks a lot’ ironically.

But have you ever thought about all the things in your life you could be thankful for?

  • We wake up every morning
  • The sun rises and sets each day
  • Nature follows her incredible cycle right outside our windows
  • Our bodies allow us to keep busy doing the things we do

Until something doesn’t work or is no longer there, we blithely carry on unless we are stopped in our tracks. Covid 19 has certainly done this for all of us. (2020)


Sometimes we don’t get a second chance and it’s too late to retrieve a moment. We often take for granted our closest friends and family. They might be on the receiving end of our stressful daily lives.

It’s worth thinking how you could ease up on the criticisms and focus on the good things within your family.

Celebrations such as Christmas

Thanks a lot!During the festive season and other family events, we look forward to being with family and friends.

Or we might feel a sense of duty and an urge to avoid it all.

This year of Covid 19 all of this is uncertain. To be able to get together with loved ones is certainly a time for thanks.

Make a Shift

By not taking things for granted,  you can subtly shift how you feel.

Explore what it feels like to be present and thankful for the company of family and friends. It’s far more satisfying than wishing you were elsewhere.

Or at the very least, be curious about the reactions and judgements you experience. Instead of letting it get to you when Great Uncle Fred calls you the ‘noisy’ one or comments that your fashion sense has never been any good.

Laugh out loud and let it go!

How can you enjoy every moment, even the challenging bits?

Thanks a lot!

  • Savour your food
  • Really listen to what someone is saying to you
  • Every time you wash your hands be thankful for the things they enable you to do
  • Whenever you look in the mirror give thanks for the gift of sight
  • Be aware of tiny little kindnesses that you can show to those around you
  • Express gratitude out loud – there will always be people to thank who have contributed to the day
  • And even when you hear a Christmas carol or comments from family members for the hundredth time, give thanks that your ears give you the gift of sound!



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