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Testimonials from clients who have learned Mindfulness & Meditation with Yvette at Place of Serenity

Having completed a one to one Mindfulness and Meditation Course with Yvette I am grateful to her for her kindness and encouragement. The follow-up emails and links to resources have given me the building blocks to continue with the techniques we have covered. I will now find time to incorporate the helpful meditations, compassion and kindness to oneself into my daily life for calm mindfulness in an often busy and stressful life. Thank you.


J.J., Petersfield


I have thoroughly enjoyed the course of mindfulness I did with Yvette. The sessions were based in a beautiful setting and there was a good balance of learning and practice in a variety of approaches that had something to suit everyone. If you are looking for somewhere to learn more about mindfulness and meditation, or even further a current practice, Yvette's 6 week course is a great place to start.

Stephanie McClean

I wasn’t sure what I had expected from the course but you gave so much more and it was much more than I had hoped for!! The daily emails of encouragement and inspiration were kindness themselves and starting the day with such an action did actually encourage me to be more mindful and kind to myself!! I shall miss them!! I also found the content of each session perfect for me, with information as to the why’s and how’s and then the guided meditation or ways to practically include them In my day, just really helpful!!


'Be Kind to Yourself' Course

The five session one-to-one course that I did with Yvette was an excellent and very thorough introduction to mindfulness and meditation and I highly recommend it.  She was an extremely conscientious teacher and guide and provided me with many resources and techniques to utilise.  She was also both sensitive and empathetic and adapted the course to my needs and interests.  Mindfulness is certainly an effective way of dealing with life’s stresses by regularly spending a small amount of time calmly and meditatively rather than allow racing and negative thoughts to take over.  Thank you Yvette. 

Anon, Alton


It's my one slice of calm when I don't make enough time at home. It's helped me incredibly.

Lorraine, Liphook

Weekly Meditation

I love coming to Yvette in a warm, comfortable, informal setting. Yvette manages to cover all mindfulness bases, leaving me feeling calm, peaceful and at ease.

Lynne Potter, Petersfield

Weekly Meditation

I have benefitted from sitting peacefully in a lovely warm environment. I particularly enjoy the middle part of the evening when a reading is given from various sources - gives me food for thought. I also like the guided meditations.

Val Woodland, Petersfield

Weekly Meditation

Following the weekly session I sleep more peacefully. It has given me the skills to take time out at different points in the day - to great benefit! Thank you.

Linda, Havant

Weekly Meditation

I so look forward to the meditation evenings. They give me a time to switch off from the frantic everyday existence that we all seem to live these days. I benefit greatly from the hour of total relaxation through meditation, which is deep and rich, thanks to Yvette’s teaching.

Dianne, Petersfield

Weekly Meditation

Thank you for the morning of meditation at White Eagle Lodge. A beautiful setting for a peaceful morning where I experienced some lovely new meditation techniques. I loved the zen doodle!

Lynne Potter, Petersfield

Mindful Morning of Peace & Calm

Yvette's one-to-one mindfulness course has taught me to recognise my inner talk and how this can impact my day-to-day life, relationships, and health and wellbeing. Yvette's course was tailored to my individual needs and provided me with a wide range of meditation and mindfulness techniques. Rather than getting caught up in troubling thoughts and difficult experiences, I am now more objective, positive and emotionally resilient. Mindfulness is not only helping me through a period of ill-health but will be a tool that I will draw on for the rest of my life. I really am so grateful for Yvette's support and couldn’t recommend this course more.

Zoe Turner, Alton


Thank you for a most enjoyable six weeks of learning about mindfulness, meditation and the tools to get started. I looked forward to the classes every week in your beautiful 'Place of Serenity'. I found it very helpful and have certainly become more mindful of 'being in the present moment' and have adopted strategies to incorporate kindfulness to myself and others which has all helped me to feel less stressed in my daily life.
Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience.

Caroline, Petersfield

From the course I wanted to adopt a more positive outlook, especially thoughts and to reduce general anxiety.
So often during the day I am reminded about mindfulness practice - breath, calming words, positive outlook. It's so good to 'stop' and meditate, even for a very short while... the whole experience will remain part of me.

C.G. South Harting

My daily routine has now changed and I fit in 2 meditations every day. This has enabled me to start the day in a relaxed frame of mind and end it the same way. I have become less self-judging and I also judge others less, accepting them for who they are.
The course has been perfect and has met my every expectation. This has been life-changing or at least the start of a life-changing experience. Do I still get anxious? Yes, but I am able to find a strategy to calm myself a little.

Alex Witney, Bordon

… the more strategies I can draw upon to manage the pain has to be beneficial…The last six weeks have certainly given me many different options to explore and I'm really grateful for your encouragement and support. Our sessions were always so carefully constructed and organised.

Jill Wood, Petersfield

Chronic Pain

Discovering mindfulness has opened up a whole new world to me. One of peace and calm that, in my day to day life of chaos and stress, has the added luxury that I can tap into it whenever and wherever I choose. To have the reassurance of this knowledge that I can cast aside the anxious thoughts and worries that plague my everyday thoughts, is like a weight being lifted from my shoulders. It has helped me sleep much better and most of all, it has helped me to see things for what they are and to truly appreciate the simple things in life, although to me, it is these simple things that have become the most important.
I am only a beginner but I can already see the tremendous benefits that anyone who practices mindfulness and meditation could achieve. I now find it hard to believe that I have lived all of my life so far without ever giving a single thought to appreciating my body and mind. And yet they are all, or everything, I have...I would recommend your course to everyone.

Justine Vincent, Petersfield


The weekly meditation sessions at place of serenity really help me in my own personal journey with meditation and mindfulness in many ways. Firstly it is the most inspiring setting in which to meditate, a joy for the senses when you arrive at the door. The benefits of meditating with others and having a very knowledgeable teacher guide you through the evening are enormous, as well as having a wonderful evening of inner calm every week. It has given me the skills and encouragement to deepen my own meditation at home.


Weekly Meditation

In my exploration of meditation so far, Yvette's Mindful Meditation course has been the most helpful and inspiring approach for me personally and has finally helped show me a path that resonates with who I am and where I am now. The loving, compassionate and accessible teachings show you how to experience life from a more observational perspective, allowing you to break from the constant looping of mind and emotion chatter. Through the practice of the meditations you learn how this can be applied to every moment that you choose.
The sessions are held in a beautiful and serene setting and the course is accompanied with fantastic support material of guided meditations, teachings, books and blog links, tailored to your individual needs.
I couldn't recommend this course more. Thank you Yvette for your wonderful Meditation teachings! I look forward to continuing with the practice.

H.R., Hartley Wintney


Wisdom House perfect venue for this. Super food too. Couldn’t fault it in any way – same as the whole of the course – pre-course info and whole day superb. Beautifully organised and run.

Teresa Shotter

Mindfulness Retreat Day

Fantastically organised day, lots of variety in incredibly relaxed setting.

Sonya Dibbin

Mindfulness Retreat Day

From the course I wanted to learn to de-stress and refocus negative thoughts and patterns. It was all I wanted and expected. I now have an increased awareness and ability to let go and make choices – not always easy, but possible with practice. I am giving myself permission to make time and space for me and be able to tell others that this is my intention.


One of the biggest outcomes I’ve experienced from the course is to be more considerate and compassionate to others. I was also surprised to learn to be warm and loving to myself.

Jillian Byrne, Haslemere

I wanted to learn how to manage a busy racing mind and how to focus. I now have the ability to bring what I have taken away from the class each week into my everyday life, even in small ways.

Carole Fagan, Hindhead

One of the biggest outcomes I have experienced from the course is the ability to use basic mindfulness techniques/exercises in everyday situations that may come up, where previously I would have been carried away/caught up.

E.F., Haslemere

I worked with Yvette on her 5 week one-to-one course to try to find the meaning of my dissatisfaction. It did not present the answers on a plate but showed me how and where I could find and adapt those feelings and understand why I felt that way. With an open mind, the mindfulness and meditation approach can teach you to find inner calm, peace and serenity. It has set me on a lifetime quest of understanding myself and my surroundings. I cannot thank her enough for pointing me in a different, better direction.

David Tavener, Petersfield

Before I started the course I'd lost myself and my way. I felt as though I was no longer in control of the way I felt or reacted.
I was hesitant about starting the course because I was anxious about going through the process with strangers and worried I wouldn't be able to pick it up!
Mindfulness has meant the world to me. It's saved my sanity and allowed me to process all the negative parts of my life much more constructively.

Amie Stockley, Waterlooville

The course has helped me move through a very tough emotional time. I look forward to my time to sit in silence each night and feel what comes up.

Lorraine Hollis, Liphook

Before I started the course I was concerned about finding the time to fit in the practice.
I feel so grateful to have had the chance to do this course and I am committing to make the time to practice. I really feel mindfulness has changed the way I view so many situations. There is so much beauty around us, I am determined not to miss it. I am now finding it easier to accept more responsibility and try to help people more.

Jen Darrington, Greatham

Before I started the course I needed to make more time for myself as I was giving to everyone; family and clients – not practising what I was preaching!
I now benefit from a deeper meditation practice, am calmer, and it has helped bring balance back into my life with work, rest and play.
The workbook, cds and links are all very helpful.

Samantha Hardwick

I was in a very bad place, a bit of a rut that was very negative and I really didn’t like myself and so many things were controlling me.
Mindfulness has helped me change my thoughts and the way I think, realising I’m in control of them and nothing else has power over me – I can be happy and at peace if I choose to and I do choose to. It’s meant a lot and really helped me on my way to a better life, loving myself and appreciating every moment and remembering how wonderful the world is and I am.

Tasha Gartside

This course is an important part of my self-care toolbox. It provides me with an holistic approach to my well-being and is complementary to the medication I need to take. The course has opened my eyes to the benefits of self-awareness. I would certainly recommend this to anyone who is wanting to handle their own well-being.

Christina Harkness

Before I started the course I was incredibly tense, fearful and anxious and looking for ways to stay calm. I'd tried anti-depressants when I was particularly bad and was seeing a psychiatrist to try to deal with anxiety.
I have now equipped myself with ways to deal with my fear. Opening myself up to be a better, more considered person towards others and to ‘think’ daily about how I am and feel.
I feel more hopeful that I can ‘get there’ with my anxiety.
Learning Mindfulness has been life-changing for me and I’ve become hugely enthusiastic about it and want it to become a way of life for me. I want to continue in some form of group session and individual basis.

D.E., Petersfield

Before the course I was worried and angry … I learned to manage feeling angry at the children some of the time. I learned to relax and be calmer. Before the course I had tried yoga but it didn't work for me and I was worried this course would be a waste of time. I wasn’t expecting to enjoy it or feel so relaxed. It was particularly helpful as I had to go to the dentist and mindfulness techniques helped and when I was stuck in bad traffic it helped me to relax. Many thanks for a life-changing course.

S.O., Petersfield

I now have more control over emotional responses and more control over anxiety. I recommend mindfulness to anyone!
It has been a really good experience. I will continue to body scan every morning and will continue to add meditations over the next few weeks

S.T., Liss Forest

I was very anxious and trapped in cycles of negative thoughts and worries about my work and family, and various life decisions. I’m actually aware of how stressed I have been for quite a long time, mostly because I feel less stressed now … I’ve become more aware of food, I’m finding it easier not to overeat at weekends! … I will continue being mindful, it’s too valuable not to do it and just go back to being stressed and anxious. Before the course, I had read about mindfulness and understood the theory but that's not the same as putting it into practice.

K.C., Petersfield

I was very aware that I needed to slow down and focus on what I was doing. I was conscious that I was trying to get to tomorrow without thinking about today. I was experiencing a lot of anxiety. I have practiced TM for many years and although it has helped me enormously, I felt that I needed something more. The biggest outcomes from the course are being more focused on the moment, learning to pause and breathe. The course was beyond my expectations.

D.W., Petersfield

I was very anxious and got intrusive thoughts, was unable to relax and my mind was always busy …I now know how to relax more … the course has shown me the tools I need to help me when I get my thoughts and worries, also how to let go of the past. I have had help with the ITalk counsellor alongside this and I have found both can work together.
I would recommend this course to someone suffering with anxiety or anyone that worries a lot, especially about the past.

S.T., Clanfield

I had an overactive mind that had become more negative than positive. I had also recently developed fibromyalgia and had a hard time adjusting to the constant pain …My mind is far calmer and my awareness greatly increased in my day-to-day life. It is enabling me to better manage my self-criticism and also to help manage my relationships with others … and surprisingly my health and pain levels

L.W., Alton

I worried and ruminated quite a bit about things – especially bad choices I had made in the past … Now I make time when my mind is not whirring away, learning to sit with difficult feelings, knowing all feelings pass with time … I have learned to listen to my body a bit more.
I would recommend this course to anyone who's life feels as if it is not quite how they want it to be.

C.P., Emsworth

I really enjoyed the course - its accessibility and simplicity has given me a new skill in dealing with stress and remaining calm in my every day life.

Debbie Kocziban, Cosham

I’m curious to keep learning and regularly practice ... I enjoyed the course and felt the structure, your approach and calm manner really fitted well with me. Many thanks for sharing your experiences and knowledge.

M.S., Petersfield

I try and meditate at least once every other day ... I find that just listening to the breath and slowing life down is enough to help me 'take stock' and that refreshes me.
I have found that the course has inspired me ( with regards to mindfulness) ... I think this is because I am rediscovering a sense of inner peace and rediscovering my spiritual side ... So your course kick started a lot of positive thoughts inside of me and I am continuing the journey.

N.H., Petersfield

... what I found helpful was having that time set aside each week to practice and also in such warm surroundings with a like-minded group ... Thank you very much for a great experience.

B.A., Petersfield

I found the course very useful and the content easy to follow and understand ... It really does work! When you catch the thoughts running and step back from them you find a more relaxed state and somehow you find more time in the day.

J.B., Bordon

I am using the breathing techniques and keeping very calm about things, so thank you for everything and I hope to see you again soon ... still using your facebook ideas.

F.C., Liphook

... Like most people with a very full life (sometimes more than I can handle but too fearful to admit it), the course has helped me to pause a little more in my life and to begin to think about practical ways to resolve ongoing conflicts, mostly change how I think about them ... During the course the different styles that we are encouraged to explore mean that there is something for everyone. It is great to know that after the course there is a network of ongoing available workshops for you and sometimes even options to take home to introduce and explore with family members.

J.S., Alton

I felt the course was for me a very helpful introduction to the practice of mindfulness. Most importantly, it convinced me of the need to have a regular time each day to practice it ... I intend not to give up on my daily practice of mindfulness. Rather, I hope to extend it and make it the very centre of my life ...

D.W., Petersfield

I found the course very interesting and informative and also useful in a practical way. I am trying to incorporate some of it into what I do. … Thank you very much for your empathy and kindness.

A.S, Petersfield

A quick note to say how much I enjoyed the course! ... I really feel I have acquired some great tools to improve my wellbeing, thank you! I should have said, whenever I leave the class on a Wednesday evening I drive home feeling so grounded and light, it’s a great feeling and gives me the insight and motivation that I can feel like that more often if I put in the practice.'

D.R., East Meon

I have learnt to be more self aware of my current status and breath, to stand still and just be and check in with myself. I am so much more aware of being in the moment and my surroundings ... The website and facebook page are also good.

T.G., Clanfield

Thank you for a most enjoyable course. I realised when chatting to my husband when I got home that I’m sleeping so much better (and so is he) since meditating daily, I’ve often struggled with sleep and been incredibly restless in bed and that has improved lots, I’m so pleased!

S.S., Petersfield

It was nice to do this as a group to hear of others experiences. The course was well supported by reading lists and materials without being over whelming.

C.P., Petworth

I attended Yvette's short course in Mindfulness & Meditation. Yvette clearly "walks her talk" and the techniques I learned have been incredibly useful to me in my daily life and in my work. I would recommend this course to anyone wishing to expand their range of strategies for dealing with life's ups and downs.

L.C, Whitehill

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