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Who is in charge?

Love it AND loathe it: technology sometimes appears to be in charge and we can’t live without it! Over the centuries there has always been some technology tension!

We have disappearing shops because we love the convenience of on-line shopping.

We’re connecting with one-another across the world on Facebook, Twitter, Skype etc. yet we’re not always experiencing true intimacy and connection with another human being.

Technology tension!

I love AND loathe my Sat Nav, my internet connection and access to immediate news. How about you? Of course we are blessed to experience a range of technology; fresh running water, electricity and pioneering health technology are not to be sniffed at.

It’s good to remember that humans are in charge of technology, not the other way round. Yet you only have to be out and about to notice how many people walk past with ear-phones on, or eyes glued to i-phones, oblivious to anything else. Are we becoming addicted to some of our technology? Place of Serenity | Technology tension


‘The saddest aspect of life right now is that science gathers knowledge faster than society gathers wisdom.’

Isaac Asimov

We create it, how do we use it?

With cryptocurrency taking off, technology can also be used to break through old ways of doing things and bring equality into the mix. I still don’t quite understand how it works, although my son is keen to use technology to create a fairer world for all. As a young graduate he is combining new technology with affordable housing and community spirit. A couple of articles here may, or may not, enlighten you!

Here’s how blockchain can reduce inequality

The Ehab vision for housing

Place of Serenity | Technology tension

For me, access to technology means that I enjoy lots of online learning. I love keeping informed, updating my knowledge, and learning professionally and personally. Yet I also like to connect with others in real life.

This is why with my work at Place of Serenity, I continue to offer Mindfulness sessions in groups and one-to-ones. I know there are plenty of useful mindfulness apps, but human connection is still important and face-to-face learning has its place.

This human connection is deeply engrained within us. Not long ago, much of the population would connect together through a place of religion.

Today, we choose our own places of connection – and the high street, with its chain stores and coffee shops is just one of those places. As we experience more disappearing shops and closed businesses, we must explore different ways to connect and communicate with one-another.

I look forward to connecting with lots of you over the coming weeks with new mindfulness group courses and new venues for one-to-one sessions. And if you are not in the area where Place of Serenity exists, (East Hampshire) find mindfulness and other personal learning with humans in your own area. Let’s keep connected!


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