Take a Break!

When it’s the holiday season it can be such a relief to take a break!

Take a break

See Things with New Eyes

It’s good to travel somewhere new. It replenishes you physically and mentally. When you take a break it can be a trip abroad or a walk round your local park. Whether it’s the holiday season or not, it’s important to take care of your wellbeing.

So whatever break you take, the trick is to see things with new eyes. Even when it’s familiar things you’re seeing.

You don’t have to travel further afield to experience a moment of pure joy, happiness or complete bliss. These things can be found right beneath your feet.Place of Serenity | take a break

As I drink in the aroma of grass and wild flowers, I can feel intoxicated for a few seconds. I stop, take a break from work and breathe in. I can enjoy the mixture of the present moment with fleeting memories from the past that these smells can evoke!

Alternatively, I can sit down to watch a film or listen completely focused to a piece of music. These are other ways to take a break and emerge at the other end feeling inspired and renewed!

Or have a cuppa with a friend for an hour. When you chat and laugh your body relaxes. Friendship lightens the mood.

Keep it Simple!

Don’t forget all the simple things around you that can be easily overlooked.

Stop for an extra second to admire. A simple pleasure can be like a mini-retreat. It’s a means of taking time out without the hassle of travel or the cost.

And of course, be fully present to the people close to you. We take our loved ones for granted, but we must cherish our children, partners and families.

Every day it’s possible to take a break from busy tasks and see what’s right under our noses!

Enjoy your simple pleasures – however brief the moment and wherever it might be!


 Yvette Jane – Mindfulness & Meditation Guide

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