Place of Serenity | Mindfulness Round-Up

Mindfulness Round-up

By Yvette | 07/12/2014

Mindfulness Round-Up This week’s mindfulness round-up highlights one key point about being mindful – that it empowers you and lets you choose how you think. I love the versatility of mindfulness! Want More Sparkle in your Life? In this mindfulness round-up, we begin with the celebration of light. Your ‘sparkle’ is your enthusiasm and open-heartedness.…

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Multitasking is Bad for your Health

By Yvette | 05/12/2014

Many of us live extremely busy lives and multitasking seems to be the norm in the workplace these days. Even if you work for yourself, you may well find yourself bogged down in multitasking as a range of responsibilities falls to you. Multitasking as the norm We call it ‘multitasking’, as we rush around appearing…

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Place of Serenity | In the flow

Be in the Flow

By Yvette | 28/11/2014

What do Tai Chi, Japanese Sword Fighting, Archery and performing a Japanese Tea Ceremony have in common? They are all activities which are encouraged in Japan because they develop a person’s ability to focus and be in the flow. The skill of concentrating and being fully focused is highly valued. You might know it as…

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