Shift from Anxiety to Self-compassion

Shift from anxiety to self-compassion

We tend to be hard task-masters, tough on ourselves. We sometimes view gentleness, compassion and kindness as weaknesses. Does this sound familiar? Our media and the world around us is aggressive and harsh, cruel and judgmental. This further supports the idea that kindness and self-compassion are soft options. Yet a shift from anxiety to self-compassion Continue reading »

Get Started with Mindfulness

Get started with Mindfulness

Get started with Mindfulness Mindfulness is all around us now! It’s frequently in the news and businesses, GPs, hospitals and schools are implementing it. World-renowned leader, the Dalai Lama, shared his thoughts with music lovers at Glastonbury in the summer of 2015. Get started with Mindfulness because it’s here to stay! Why are more and Continue reading »

4 Simple Reminders

4 simple reminders

Does your life feel like it’s complicated? Even when you’re busy, here are 4 simple reminders to for life: 1. Breathe – it couldn’t be simpler and yet we forget! To breathe a conscious breath means that you rein yourself in to the present moment and be aware that you’re breathing. It’s easy and effective Continue reading »

Mini moments of meditation

Mini moments of meditation

When you need to escape overwhelming negative thoughts or stress at work, here are some mini moments of meditation. For many people this might include visiting the loo! And why not? If you are at work, sometimes this is the only place for a bit of peace! Workplace loos should not only be clean but Continue reading »