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How can mindfulness help you to stay calm and centred when it feels like chaos all around you?

Our body’s naturally in-built defense system means that we’re hard-wired to react with fear. It’s the default setting of our ancestors based on wanting to survive. It is readily triggered in every one of us in our daily lives.

Mindfulness means awareness. So by becoming aware that your body is responding with fear, you can intercept this with a few long, deep breaths. Place of Serenity | Stay calm and centred

This then elicits another of your body’s naturally in-built systems which is to relax. Your slow breaths communicate to your brain that it’s OK and encourages you to feel a sense of well-being.

Of course, if your mind keeps ruminating on thoughts of fear, disappointment, and anger, then your brain will keep eliciting the stress response.

Focus on your breathing in the present moment.

If you let your thoughts rush on ahead to worries and concerns, or jump back to regrets, you’ll be stressed and ungrounded again. If you keep thinking in this way, you’ll remain negative, crotchety, angry or fearful.

Gently shift from those negative thoughts to the rhythm of your breath.

Stay calm and centred

The simplest of tips to stay calm and centred: use your POWERFUL PAUSE

  • Instead of fuelling your reaction with more stories, stop and focus on your breathing.
  • Watch each breath as it flows in and out.
  • Watch where the turmoil feels in your body.
  • This pause gives you the power to intercept the fearful knee-jerk reaction.
  • Relax into a place of calm.
  • Imagine you’re breathing into your heart – love and peace.
  • Breathe out love and peace.
  • Keep open-hearted.
  • You are now empowered to be present and shift your thoughts from a negative downward spiral to a more positive, centred place.

Your powerful pause is one of your most effective tools for life.

Use it to help you stay calm and centred.


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