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Spring is in the Air: Time to Declutter your Home?

Many of us find ourselves weighed down with ‘things’.

If you’ve had to work from home in recent times, you might be even more aware of the build-up of clutter surrounding you. I was looking in my kitchen for dried oregano, basil and cumin the other day, only to find all three of them were out of date by a couple of  Spring declutteryears.

I’m sure you know the kind of thing – piles of old magazines, worn-out trainers you no longer wear, paperwork and old bills from what feels like centuries ago.

It can all build up without our awareness. Whatever the season, you may feel a natural urge to declutter and create more space around you.

Spring feels like a natural time to embark on this with its brighter skies and increasing days of sunlight.

Yet it can feel daunting when you start.  Whether it’s a study, kitchen, bedroom or any untidy room in your home, how do you begin?

A Positive Frame of Mind for your Declutter

Before you even lift an object off the shelf, look around at your surroundings. 

Look at all the space you have, not the things cluttering it up. Notice the walls, windows, shelves, cupboards and flooring.

Imagine how you want to open up the space in the room, taking out unnecessary items and gaining a sense of calm and simplicity.

Feel gratitude and thanks for your room. This space is going to be transformed!

Once you have set your intention in this way, you can begin.

More Declutter Tips

  • Declutter just one room at a time, then you may feel inspired to start on another.
  • You can always declutter in chunks of time: tackle one area of a room or give yourself a half hour only. Then return to further decluttering another time.
  • Remember when you buy something new, give away something you no longer need.
  • How to get rid of mental clutter and clear the mind (Follow this link)

Joy and Gratitude

Small steps in charge of our own surroundings can also be applied on a larger scale. We all have a responsibility towards our larger home, the earth. So as we spring-clean and declutter with joy and gratitude, bring this awareness to the environment too.

The Mole had been working very hard all the morning, spring-cleaning his little home. First with brooms, then with dusters; then on ladders and steps and chairs, with a brush and a pail of whitewash …

Just like Mole from ‘The Wind in the Willows’, don’t forget to enjoy yourself once you’ve completed your tidying up! Get out into that spring-time weather. With appreciation, jump for the joy of living and the delight of spring without its cleaning.

Place of Serenity | From Wind in the WillowsPlace of Serenity | From Wind in the Willows EH Shepard










Mole from ‘The Wind in the Willows’,

Illustrated by E.R. Shepard

Yvette Jane

Place of Serenity | Place of Serenity







A version of this post first published in April 2014

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