Spring declutter

Is spring enticing you to do a declutter in your home?

Hoarding is not confined to those people we see on TV. Many of us find ourselves weighed down with ‘things’.

Whatever the season, a declutter can be daunting when you start. It might be your office, study or any untidy room in your home.

Here’s a tip to put you into a positive frame of mind:

Before you even lift an object off the shelf, look around at your surroundings. It may contain shelves, cupboards, a table, chairs, a window, carpet etc.

Look at all the space you have, not the things cluttering it up. Feel gratitude and thanks for it. This space is going to be transformed!

Once you have set your intention in this way, you can begin.

A few more declutter tips

  • Declutter just one room, then you may feel inspired to start on another.
  • You can always declutter in chunks of time: tackle one area of a room or give yourself a half hour only. Then return to further decluttering another time.
  • Remember when you buy something new, give away something you no longer need.
  • Here are 5 steps to clear mental clutter!

spring declutter

Mole from ‘The Wind in the Willows’. Illustrated by E.R. Shepard


And don’t forget to enjoy yourself once you’ve completed your tidying up.

Just like Mole from ‘The Wind in the Willows’, get out into that spring-time weather. Jump for the joy of living and the delight of spring without its cleaning.


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Yvette Jane – Mindfulness & Meditation Coach

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