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‘Sit together, you and all the facets of yourself, and just breathe. The inner critic who says “this is dumb;” the ego that urges “get back to work;” the child worrying “am I doing it right?” Just sit and breathe together, gently, tenderly. You’re OK. You are enough. Breathe …
~ Jason Garner

September has rustled in. Endings and beginnings. Whatever arises in the coming weeks, your own personal power resides within you.

I hope to be running a couple of group courses but enquiries have been few. I am guessing perhaps people are too preoccupied with outside events and the busy-ness of life. It’s lovely to be able to get together with others and focus on the real work of this world – our inner light and beauty. However, as the quote above states, you can sit together, with yourself. I hope those of you who have experienced some meditation with me, are finding this a helpful refuge.

Latest blog posts below, I invite you to have a browse to see if any might resonate with you.

Two Mindfulness & Meditation Courses which may be just what you are ready for! Do get in touch as soon as possible.

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What is the Magic of Empty Cardboard Boxes?

As I saw a friend’s cat enjoy playing with an empty cardboard box, it reminded me of the hours of fun my children used to have too.

Perhaps there’s even a connection with the wisdom of the Tao Te Ching, an ancient Chinese Classic.

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Sleep Isn’t Alway Easy!

Mindful tools can help you sleep at night, as well as manage stress and overthinking during the day. Read more here to find how mindfulness and meditation help you sleep.

An Essential Skill: Your Inner Serenity

Mindfulness and meditation are the starting points for you to find your inner serenity. This is a deep most powerful place within you.

Albert Einstein called it ‘deep time’, a state of ‘only being’.
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‘The only time that matters in meditation is right now. This breath. It’s not important if it’s your first or thousandth sitting. The practice is now. That’s what carries over into life – the skill of presence and the peace that comes from the simplicity of occupying this moment.’
~ Jason GarnerContact me now if you are interested in either of these courses. They will only run if there is enough demand. I’d love to hear from you! Full details here.














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