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Be Kind to Yourself

I hope you are well. Our most recent situation with the pandemic and government behaviour continues to be unsettling. I thought it would be a good time to run my ‘Be Kind to Yourself’ Course starting Wednesday 7 October at 7pm as it really does help you to build your inner resilience based on self-compassion, kindness and love. I was lucky enough to run it in-person earlier this year and one of the participants wrote:

‘I recently completed the 4 week “Be Kind to Yourself” course with Yvette which I hoped would help me deal with challenges in my life.  It did….the course gave me tools and resources and a peaceful space to reflect. I realised how much tension I was holding in my body which the beautiful meditations eased and reminded me to practice letting go every day. Yvette’s calm, empathetic approach and excellent guidance is wonderful.’
(Thank you Val!) 

I am offering an online version of the ‘Be Kind to Yourself’ Course (via Place of Serenity Zoom Room). I replaced my old laptop recently just to reassure some of you that the quality has improved since the Free Meditations I ran earlier in the year! All the details for the course are in the link. Simply email me your interest & we can organise booking:

Click Link for Details ‘Be Kind to Yourself’ Course

Blog post:
The Power of Surrender

Be patient. Real power emerges when you trust yourself. Trust what is happening and trust the power of surrender.

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Blog post:

Transform Self-Criticism to Self-Compassion

When your inner critic is blasting you and negative thoughts won’t seem to shift, it’s time to change. And this effectively starts with you and me.
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Blog post:
Allow Stillness

I invite you to allow stillness. It may be an elusive idea.

Because even when you sit physically still, you may find that your mind continues whirling with thoughts. Like a pebble that lands onto the pond bed, it disturbs the silt and mud. Gradually, with stillness, the pond debris settles.

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5 Minute Meditation from the National Gallery

I shared this lovely meditation on my Facebook page recently so thought it would be nice to share with you here.
5 minutes guidance as you focus on the beautiful painting ‘A Cup of Water and a Rose’ by Zurbaran

Follow this Link

Do let me know if this newsletter and my blog posts have been helpful to you. And I look forward to seeing some of you at our ‘Be Kind to Yourself’ Course very soon.

With best wishes,

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