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Hi everyone

It’s that time of year – late summer; endings and new beginnings. If you have children it’s a new school term; changes, moving on, moving up. For children and their parents! Nearly everyone feels a little fear mixed in with excitement when starting something new. (I know I’ve shared this one before years back, and I was never a Fleetwood Mac fan, but this song is perfect: Landslide )

In our Weekly Summer Meditations we’ve been connecting with nature. Because nature does change so seamlessly! One moment you’re steeped in strong summer sunshine, the next, you’re bedazzled by spider’s webs glistening on the grass and feeling a cool chill in the evening air. We’ve been reminding ourselves to step back and surrender to our experiences. Just like the flow of nature. And reminding ourselves that we’re not alone when our human reaction is most often to resist and get tense and anxious. Thank you to those of you who joined on our Thursday Summer Evening Sessions!

Our Thursday Evening Meditation Sessions continue for the next few weeks as we move into autumn. I’m not sure for how long exactly as change is in the air for me too. Do get in touch if you want to join us. When life is turbulent, challenging or just plain exhausting, this is time for self-care, for nurturing your personal skills of resilience and quiet joy. Dates: 7 Sept – 19 October. Details here.

I’m still working with individuals and pairs. We need a mindful human race – each of us can start one moment at a time!
Best wishes,
PS Kristin Neff’s reminder: ‘Soften, soothe, allow’

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