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It’s essential to give ourselves time to relax and be creative.

Life can feel overwhelming and tiring. But being able to relax is not just important for your well-being. It’s also the means of being more creative.

Relax and Be Creative!

Some of the most inspiring music, fantastic discoveries and creative ideas have happened when their creators were relaxed. Away from the ‘drawing board’ creativity has a chance to emerge.

  • Paul McCartney woke up one morning with the song, ‘Yesterday’ flowing in his brain almost fully-formed. When we sleep, our brainwaves slow down and magic can happen!
  • Mozart and Tchaikovsky similarly found their creative musical ideas emerged when they were taking a break. While they were out and about traveling in a carriage, or walking in the gardens. Ideas emerged ‘suddenly and unexpectedly’.
  • James Watt’s contribution to the Industrial Revolution happened while he was relaxing and walking in the park. ‘I had gone to take a walk on a fine Sabbath afternoon, early in 1765 … passed the old washing-house. I was thinking upon the engine at the time, and had gone as far as the herd’s house, when the idea came into my mind …’

Relaxation and Your Brainwaves

So these things are all important: naps, walks, family time, enjoying our pets, meditation, dancing … Anything where we can relax a little. And our creativity naturally flows from this.

Your brain produces patterns of brainwave activity which vary from fast-moving Beta to the slowest (when you sleep) Delta. Alpha and Theta fall within these two ends of the spectrum.

When you relax while walking or meditating, your brainwaves slow down from Beta to Alpha brainwave activity. This Alpha activity is when your creativity arises.

The key to take from this is to remember to give yourself a break. Relax and be creative!

Creative ideas and answers often arise when you’re not looking for them!



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