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Serious Illness Misdiagnosed

16 years ago on 30 April my daughter was born, my youngest child.

Serious illness

I was home a few hours after her birth on a sunny Sunday morning but after sleeping for a couple of hours I woke up to enormous pain and other symptoms.

I was in agony, barely able to walk, and found myself back in hospital for a week without my baby, pumped with steroids and painkillers as they tried to detect what was wrong.

When I returned home I was still in pain and as it turned out, they had misdiagnosed what I had. For 2 months I was stuck in bed, unable to walk – it felt like life had come to a halt for me. I was finally diagnosed with a streptococcus B infection* which responded to another week in hospital and masses of IV antibiotics.

Recovery from Serious Illness

So I began my recovery, while caring for my 3 young children. I had very little support, apart from my parents; especially my mum. Place of Serenity | serious illness

I was still exhausted and in daily pain with the physical damage the infection had caused. I needed to find my way through this isolating and difficult experience so in desperation I went to the GP.

Two GPs there had no idea how to help (I think counselling would have been a good start…) but luckily, a midwife handed me an NCT newsletter saying, ‘There’s an ad in here from a Reiki Healer. I don’t know if that might help.

So I followed this link, and my healing journey flourished, leading me to all kinds of new learning and experiences. Hence my work today as a Mindfulness & Meditation Guide to help people be pro-active in their wellbeing!

Is Recovery from Serious Illness Relevant to You?

So the point of this post is: you may have experienced any kind of serious illness. And you’re not quite sure what you need to get through to the other side of full recovery.

Physical recovery can take a long while, and in many ways can be straight-forward to achieve. But mental and emotional recovery is equally important, and can often be overlooked.

You might be feeling desperate, as I was.

Ask for help and keep curious. Maybe you’ve never tried anything out of the mainstream before – my invitation to you is to be open to new things.

There is never a quick fix – trying new things means you’re on a journey of healing and you are pro-active in your own health.

Whether you sign up for some Reiki or Energy Healing or learn to Meditate with Mindfulness, don’t be afraid to take new steps. You make the choices about your health and wellness.

And just to re-assure you – I will be celebrating my daughter turning 16 this weekend – what a joy and blessing she is! (along with my two lovely sons!)

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*Group B streptococcus infections occur in newborn babies. It’s rare for the mum to be infected, but this is what happened to me – further info:

Group B streptococcus (GBS) infection

GBS in adults

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  1. Laura x on 29/04/2016 at 8:21 pm

    Yvette What a touching post, thank you. Happy Birthday to your beautiful daughter this weekend, 16… my goodness! Congratulations to you BOTH! Have a wonderful celebration. Lx

    • Yvette on 29/04/2016 at 8:50 pm

      Thank you Laura! x

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