Quiet Miracles

‘Take time to celebrate the quiet miracles that seek no attention’

From ‘For Presence’ by John O’ Donohue

Quiet miracles

Notice the Everyday Quiet Miracles

These quiet miracles are what keep me going! When my mind spins down towards negativity, I bring my awareness to the simplest things before me.

Yesterday I got out of the house and went down to the beach. There was a blue sky, crashing waves, lots of families walking their dogs, surfers and singing birds. All of these were quiet miracles on a November Sunday morning!

I stood and listened to the sound of the pebbles being thrown up onto the shore then sliding back down with the tide. They sounded exactly like eggs frying in a pan.

I couldn’t walk all around East Head because the tide was so high. So I walked across the sand dunes and it was like slipping into a secret space – quiet, subdued and truly magical.

Keep Being Present

Today there was rain. And that’s OK too, because the quiet miracles are still there, waiting to be discovered. They are too numerous to mention but each one guides my mind back to the present. This slowly uplifts any downward-spiralling thoughts I may be experiencing.

If you can notice the quiet miracles you will find a greater sense of happiness and contentment. Simple pleasure have enormous power on our mood.

So the next time you notice a frog jumping from the undergrowth as you walk out into the garden. Or spot a jay pecking on your lawn. Maybe catch sight of the silvery moon or you laugh at a joke with the lady at the supermarket check-out. Let yourself celebrate these unassuming moments.

See them as the quiet miracles they are.


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