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We’ve all built up defense mechanisms to help us cope with life. In our 6-Week Mindfulness & Meditation Course we begin to access all the subconcious thoughts, beliefs, assumptions, ideas that hold us back. A life-time is stored in our brains, and mindfulness can be the start to an incredible life-time journey of returning to yourself with love, compassion and joy. Our current group are delving deep!

My latest blog posts (below) cover subjects that help with this in a variety of ways. Do have a read and let me know if anything here resonates with you!

If you are simply looking for a little bit of support for yourself right now, there are still spaces available for our 4 Week ‘Be Kind to Yourself’ Course. It takes place in Alton and starts on 21 March.
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Today we live in a society that places value on financial wealth. But I don’t want to focus on that, let’s look instead at how every single one of us has value, and how it’s not related to finances of any kind. More here …

The moment you begin to practice mindful breathing, your body and mind begin to come together with one another in the present moment.’ ~ Thich Nhat Hanh
More tips to get untangled here…

On Valentine’s Day I wrote a love letter to Mother Earth. Who better needs our respect and love more right now?
Here it is …

You know the people who press your buttons? They’re your greatest teachers! See how that’s possible here …

4 weekly sessions where we get together and tackle stress. Learn to navigate life with calm and grace. Daily emails help keep you inspired.
Full details & booking here …

What you focus on grows. While we keep feeling stressed and overwhelmed, we continue the cycle of creating it. I invite you along to this May Saturday morning to be fully present and let all your cells buzz with joyfulness, creativity and alignment with yourself and with nature!
More details here …



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