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Place of Serenity | Open your heart

What do you do when you hear of sad or shocking news from around the world?

Difficult news

In these instances you might feel helpless. Even within your own home and workplace you may experience turmoil.

How can you open your heart to the world? It might feel easier to shut down.

Perhaps you have responded in the past by joining Amnesty International, raising money for a chosen charity or giving money to a deserving cause.

You might switch off the news.

Your response

You may have built up walls to protect yourself from all the suffering in your life and in the world.

It can, however, be an opportunity to do something different. Become aware of your thoughts which may be feeding on your fears, prejudices or getting caught up in the media frenzy.

This is where you get to acknowledge, how you feel. Depressed with humanity? Angry at politicians? We often resist what’s happening.

Place of Serenity | Open your heart

Open your heart

We can never obtain peace in the outer world until we make peace with ourselves

Dalai Lama

Try this means of surrender and heart-opening:

  • Get still.
  • Place one hand on your heart area so you can feel the sensations of your breathing and notice the rise and fall of your chest.
  • You might feel the warmth of your hand and the beating of your heart.
  • Think to yourself: ‘I am loving and at peace’.
  • Repeat these words a few times, allowing them to suffuse your heart and body.
  • When you feel ready; peaceful and loving, with your heart full of compassion and kindness, imagine the people you’ve heard about in the news.
  • Direct these heartfelt thoughts out towards them, as if they were standing before you. ‘I send you love and peace’.
  • Repeat a few times.

The vibrations of your peaceful and loving thoughts spill out and reverberate around you. Place of Serenity | Open your heart

In this way you can shift what was negative thinking to a more optimistic mood. You can move from cynicism and despondency to an open, soft heart.

When you open your heart it reduces feelings of helplessness at being one tiny person in this big world. It helps you and it can help others.

And don’t forget, you can also use this loving exercise for your children as they grow up and go off out into their lives. And to family or friends who may live a long way from you.

Do you have ways of softening your heart and reminding yourself of love and peace? We need it in our world.

Peace begins with you! Live with an Open Heart!


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