November news!

November news

Hi everyone!

There’s no way to sugar-coat things – dissatisfaction, anger, fear – there’s a whirlpool of strong emotions blowing through the land.

Yet it’s a good thing! Mindfulness is about waking up and becoming conscious. Things we’ve taken for granted for so long, are now ripe for change.

You are welcome to join us in our Weekly Meditation sessions to tap into your inner calm and unique wisdom.   So whatever is happening around you, there is a way to find meaning through all of this.

Connect with others peacefully and joyfully: Details here.

Some fabulous reads:

Assertiveness: Speaking up for yourself 

— in a way that the other person can hear.

Moranifesto – Caitlin Moran:

‘This is Caitlin’s engaging and amusing rallying call for our times. Combining the best of her recent columns with lots of new writing unique to this book …makes a passionate effort to understand our 21st century society and presents us with her ‘Moranifesto’ for making the world a better place.’

No is Not Enough – Naomi Klein:

‘We live in a time of multiple, intersecting crises, and since all of them are urgent, we cannot afford to fix them sequentially. What we need are integrated solutions … the need for a shift from a system based on endless taking – from the earth and from one another – to …a system in which everyone is valued and we don’t treat people or the natural world as if they were disposable.’

And if you’re looking to deepen your mindfulness & meditation practice, or indeed get started, I continue to offer 1-1 sessions.  We are surrounded by the need for change, and you may well feel this within you too.

Yvette Jane – Place of Serenity

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