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Feel into the truth of this, that nothing is ever lost, does it make sense to you?

When we do this, we connect with gratitude and blessings.

As you sit here now, you can think of all your family members and people you know out there living their lives. Places too, that you’ve visited recently or in the past, are all out there.

Everyone and everything is carried in your head, filed away in your mind.

All you carry round with you comes from within. Even as you and I are experiencing this springtime arising around us, we bring our own memories or lens through which we see it.

Last year’s Spring that emerged with the first Lockdown. Animals, plants, places and dates that made their mark, maybe even defined by the weather conditions.  Spring being intertwined with Easter for some of us, birthdays and family occasions.

Place of Serenity | The eternal lens of our own being quote

Each of us sees through:

‘The eternal lens of our own being’

~ Ciara Young

This lens is unique and multi-faceted for each of us. We experience and recall all things from our own specific perspective.

Loved Ones – nothing is ever lost

We especially recognise the phrase, ‘nothing is ever lost’ when we remember loved ones who are deceased. It is true that every moment we spent with them – the conversations, events, laughter and more, will never disappear. We carry them within.

Perhaps we sometimes unearth their memory like precious crystals, shine them with our rememberances if we’re fortunate to have others to talk to about those departed loved-ones.

We might refer to our earlier years as ‘in another life’ because not only is it such a long time ago, but it feels so different from our lives today. We sometimes fail to acknowledge all that we were, how that still has echoes within us now.

At all ages of our lifespan, we experience hurts and losses. Every bit of learning (education, reading, films, music, theatre, friendships, responsibilities as leaders and parents) contribute to our existence. These experiences don’t simply disappear. The body holds every message in each of our cells.

Nothing is ever really lost, or can be lost …

~ Walt Whitman, ‘Continuities’

Life is a series of transformations

And the key is not to let yourself be bogged down by all that you carry within you. Carry your past lightly and yet with appreciation.

We’re often urged to ‘Let it go’.

It’s true that trying to cling on to old memories, ideas, people and times in history might sometimes be tempting. But of course, life is always changing. We meet each-other as we are today.

As stated by Caroline Myss:

Your biography becomes your biology

You are the sum of your life, events, people, places. Respect that but never let it define you or hold you back. The future continues with what you craft using today’s life.

A paradox? Yes, like ever-regenerating skin, we do the same with our lives, while still acknowledging that nothing is ever lost, simply transformed.

What prompted today’s reminiscences on how nothing is ever lost?

I have been sorting through all my old photographs. Picking out a selection for my children so they each have an album of these old-fashioned photographs, because in the last decade and more, photography happens on our phones and is stored on our computers now.

It can be like seeing little Russian Dolls, the babies and children that have grown into the young adults before me now.  In moderation it can be lovely to have memories jogged by seeing an image or hearing a long-forgotten song.

It’s also a lovely chance for feeling gratitude.

Whatever your life looks like today, all is there within you: nothing is ever lost.

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Yvette Jane

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