Nature Inspires CalmWhen you’re feeling frazzled by life and need to take a moment to slow down, let nature inspire you to be calm.

When you bring your awareness to your breathing, this directs your focus to the present moment. It’s helpful to remind yourself that you are in this living, breathing body, not just a busy intellectual head!

Glance out of your window and connect with the sky or rest your eyes on the green leaves of a tree. Notice how nature inspires calm!

3 Simple Meditations Inspired by Nature

1. The Pebble in the pondNature Inspires Calm

Imagine you drop a pebble into a pond. As it falls to the bottom, the silt and mud is disturbed and causes turbulence in the water.

As the pebble sits on the pond-bed, the stillness allows the silt and debris to gradually drop to the bed and settle there again. The water becomes a little clearer.

When you sit still and focus on your breath, imagine you are like that pebble. All the busy thoughts swirling round your head will only start to settle when you allow yourself to sit still – pebble-like!

Nature Inspires Calm2. Watching the ocean waves

As you sit and focus on your breathing, imagine that your breath is like the ocean. While sitting by your imaginary ocean, watch the waves flow in and back out.

So too your breath can be observed, with its steady rhythm, in and out. The ebb and flow of your breath can steady your mind and remind you that in any difficult moment, you can choose to rest your focus on the waves of your breath.

3. Being a mountainNature Inspires Calm

Visualise a mountain, tall and majestic. Imagine you are that mountain.

Your head is the peak, your shoulders are the mountain slopes and your legs and feet form your grounded roots in the landscape.

As you sit tall and upright, like a mountain, you can visualise yourself breathing in the strength, stillness and calm of a mountain as it sits in nature.

The thoughts and emotions you experience are like the weather sweeping around the mountain top. You remain still. You watch your thoughts whirl round you, like clouds and wind and rain.

You remain grounded and strong.

Be supported and inspired by nature

Make room for yourself in your own heart, and you will find a wellspring of peace.
William Sutton

Keep yourself grounded to the earth, let your eyes rest on the colours of nature and listen to the sounds that are there. Whatever difficulties you’re experiencing, let nature give you a hand.

Notice how nature inspires calm!


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  1. Lizzie Carver on 27/05/2016 at 4:30 pm

    Three lovely meditations. I especially like being a mountain – it’s so grounding and helps me feel solid!

    • Yvette on 27/05/2016 at 5:08 pm

      Thank you Lizzie! Yes, the mountain image can be really helpful when you want to connect in with your groundedness, balance and strength.

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