My Favourite Experience of 2021

Place of Serenity | My Favourite Experience of 2021

Do you have a favourite experience of 2021? It has been another challenging year but what has lifted your heart?

In a blog post I wrote in April 2021, Listen to the Dawn Chorus, I shared my Dawn Chorus joy and a tiny snippet of a recording I had made. To go outside and experience the Spring Dawn Chorus at least once during the season is a very special thing to do.

But that wasn’t the part, however lovely, that is at the core of my favourite experience of 2021. In that post, I mentioned an online event which I intended to listen in to:

Join The Nest Collective online from 11pm on Saturday 1 May for a spoken-word journey, hosted by Sam Lee through some of the finest poems and writings celebrating the nightingale, the wonder of birds and the natural world.

~ The Nest Collective: Nightingales Dawn Chorus Day 2021
~ The Nest Collective: Singing with Nightingales

My Favourite Experience of 2021

My favourite experience of 2021 became that night as I listened to the online event. It began with poetry and other readings and was followed by a live recording of male nightingales as they sang all through the night.

I lay in bed and I closed my eyes. Not dipping into real sleep, I found myself accompanied by the nightingales and it was the most beautiful experience.

Even though I wasn’t present in the woodlands where these birds were singing, I was bathed in the harmony of their songs. I felt deep joy and an uplifted heart. They sang for hours and I was immersed in their music!

Towards dawn, as all the other birds began their chorus, I became aware of the sound of snoring. Obviously, the person recording, had fallen asleep! As the day emerged, and I fell into a deeper sleep, the memory of that soundtrack has remained. I am aware that this is a solitary experience, yet isn’t everything we experience in our lives from a very personal perspective?

Those nightingales flew hundreds of miles from Africa to sing in a woodland in Sussex. They sang all night so each could attract a female. There are millions of similar incredible experiences in nature. What an awesome world we live in, when we give ourselves time to notice.

So my favourite experience of 2021 was simple yet miraculous, I think. And all the chaos and material wealth in the world cannot detract from that.

O nightingale that on yon bloomy spray
Warblest at eve, when all the woods are still,
Thou with fresh hope the lover’s heart dost fill,
While the jolly hours lead on propitious May.
Thy liquid notes that close the eye of day…

~ John Milton, ‘To the Nightingale

The male nightingale really does sing all through the night. To learn a little more read:
10 Amazing Facts About Nightingales and Where to Find Them

Nightingale Song Audio


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  1. Josh G on 18/12/2021 at 2:30 pm

    What a lovely share! I often find my most enjoyable moments have come from nature as well, although I’m not sure I can pick just one!

    • Yvette on 18/12/2021 at 2:46 pm

      Thank you so much for sharing Josh! I am so glad that you love connecting with nature too! xx

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