This week’s round-up highlights one key point about being mindful – that it empowers you and you can choose  how you think. I love the versatility of mindfulness!

Want More Sparkle in your Life?

Place of Serenity |christmas sparkleHere in the Northern Hemisphere, December brings us the darker evenings yet we’re surrounded by light. Glittering high street illuminations, Christmas tree lights, shop window extravaganzas and candles create magic and tradition. How can you use candlelight to bring more meaning into your life? Read on …



The Secret to Decision-making with Clarity

Place of Serenity | Cluttered mind?Is your mind feeling cluttered and full, and you long for clarity to help you make decisions, in a calm and balanced manner? If you are confused over a choice you must make, remember that you have the resources within you to make a wise decision. How do you gain clarity? Read on …



How to Manage your Mind

Place of Serenity | Manage your mind and stay calmEvery day we each have an average of 17,000 thoughts. How do we manage that amount of mind traffic? Most of the time we’re carried along by the force of emotions, habits and conditioning. When good things happen, we’re too busy to fully enjoy them and are rushing on to the next moment. Read on …



Tips to Reduce Festive Frazzle

Place of Serenity | Reduce festive frazzleIt’s the countdown to Christmas and it can be easy to succumb to festive frazzle. You know the feeling? You get caught up in a snowstorm of activity, shopping and extra commitments on your time. Here are some simple tips to reduce festive frazzle and help you glide calmly through your day. Read on …



Multi-tasking is Bad for your Health

Mult tasking 2We call it ‘multi-tasking’, as we rush around appearing to do several different things at once! But in the workplace, it reduces efficiency, the ability to prioritise, to be creative and it raises our levels of stress. Read more …



How to Stop Worrying and be Happy

Place of Serenity | Be happyAre you happy? Do you find yourself worrying and constantly ruminating negatively over the same old things? On the surface your life is quite normal and you put on a good show but deep down, your default setting tends to be gloomy and anxious. Read on … and sing along and dance at the end!


Today is Day 17 of The Blog Challenge run by Sarah Arrow. Have you found any of these blog posts interesting or helpful? I would love to hear from you as I grow my blogging skills!


Mindfulness and Meditation

Yvette is a Mindfulness and Meditation Coach at Place of Serenity where you can learn more about Mindfulness and Meditation for everyday life.




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