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A – Awareness right now in this moment

B – Breathe slowly & deeply

C – Choose where to place your attention

Mindfulness can be as easy as ABC!

Right now, before you start a conversation, on getting home from work, as soon as you wake in the morning… empower yourself with mindfulness! These 3 tiny letters might help: ABC

A  Awareness

We are 95% of the time on auto-pilot. So for a lot of the time we are not aware of our bodies, our thoughts and our actions. We get caught up in our heads and take for granted or overlook how our bodies are feeling. We become entangled in repetitive thoughts without being aware that it can be as easy as ABC to be mindful.

Notice where the tension is building up in your body right now. Soften and let that go. Your awareness is the first step to empowerment.

B Breathe

‘Be’ with your breath. Let it be an anchor to align you back on to the present moment. Slow deep breaths allow your body to relax and return you to a state of presence and calm.

And when you focus on your breath you can also bring your awareness to your heart space too. This is the centre-point of your love, compassion and wisdom.

C Choices

We don’t always believe that we have choices.

So as you are now focused on your anchored heart space notice how old habits would draw you into a knee-jerk reaction or the same old negative thought.

Give yourself a moment to be in charge of the choices you make. Remember your ABC!

I like to share this little animation by Sharon Saltzburg:

This short animation depicts the choices available to you each day. Whether to feed the wolf of love or the wolf of fear. It’s your choice! What will you nurture today with your focus and awareness?

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