6 Week Mindfulness & Meditation Group Course

On a 6 week Mindfulness and Meditation Course, we get together for a weekly hour and a half. We go deeply in to the experience of mindfulness and meditation. This is for you if you are ready to make real lasting change in your life.

You will learn to effectively deal with stress, challenging thoughts and emotions. It’s a great way to explore your own mindset and develop the life-skills that enable a life transformation. There will be plenty of mindful tips and simple yet effective ways to meditate.

Be mindful. Meditate. Live from your heart. So needed in our world right now.


White Eagle Lodge, Brewells Lane, Rake, Liss GU33 7HY Place of Serenity | Place of Serenity News

Details of Location here 
Cost for Course at White Eagle Lodge : £175 for 6 weekly sessions + all resources

Group Size: 6-12 students

Petersfield Osteopathy

Location: 1a Spain Buildings, 28 The Spain, Petersfield GU32 3LA

Perhaps you would like a small group of 4 students consisting of yourself and some friends/family. This can be arranged during the day or evening.  Same price and details as above.

Contact Yvette to book your place/express interest

Contact Yvette

Contact Yvette for any queries you may have

Courses include all resources. Scroll down for more detail:

On our Course we immerse ourselves in mindfulness & meditation bringing new ways to move forward in life from your heart:

🙂 How to:

  • Manage difficult and stressful experiences with effective action.
  • Create space for wise choices and a life lived from your heart-space.
  • Shift from habitual negative reactions to create your new transformed reality.
  • Access your deeper wisdom and put yourself and your wellbeing first.
  • Relax!

Follow the link for: My qualifications.

Mindfulness and Meditation Course: more details

Your Course in Mindfulness & Meditation includes all course materials and full email support.

Like any new skill you wish to learn you will need to be committed to this Course! This means putting into practice the tips, techniques and meditations that we cover over the weeks.

There will always be challenges happening in life (divorce, moving house, illness, bereavement) and these can be beautifully dealt with using a mindful approach and meditation.

If you’re not sure if now is the best time for you, do get in touch to discuss. It might be that one-to-one sessions would suit you better, or postpone for later in the year.

What is covered in a Mindfulness & Meditation Course?

Each session of a Mindfulness and Meditation Course builds on your own growing experience. We cover a range of mindful tips and techniques, do-able chunks of meditation & self-awareness opportunities.

The sessions include teaching, experiential exercises and guided meditation. You will have a comprehensive folder of resources, MP3 downloads and email support. You can ask questions and participate as fully as you wish. We share plenty of books, inspirational references and internet links in a supportive, informal environment.

Over the sessions we cover topics to tackle a range of experiences:

  • Manifest a new life for yourself - the one where you get to be your best self!
  • The importance of self-compassion & gratitude.
  • Recognise stress and the range of emotions that impact on your life.
  • Understand your body’s response to stress and how the stress reaction is created.
  • Become aware of how how much you are fused with your own difficult thoughts and emotions.
  • Manage your meandering mind.
  • What you repeatedly think shapes your world – build emotional resilience.
  • How to lessen the power of your inner critic in challenging situations.
  • The importance of keeping grounded.
  • Loving kindness – its impact on you and your life.
  • The skill of observing thoughts and exploring difficult emotions.
  • Move forward with a sense of inner ease, calm and strength.

Alternatively work one-to-one

Working one-to-one with me lets you choose which days and times suit you for a more personalised course. I recommend that you start with a stand-alone Intro Session. Then you can decide whether to sign up for further individual sessions which create your own Beginner’s Course. Full details here and includes duos.

Place of Serenity | Anger and Mindfulness, the shift to peace

"I really enjoyed the course … what I found helpful was having that time set aside each week to practice and also in such warm surroundings with a like-minded group … Thank you very much for a great experience."

B.A., Petersfield

See Testimonials for more feedback from people who have worked with me.

So does this sound like it’s for you?

If so, Contact Yvette. I look forward to hearing from you!

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