I am delighted to welcome Judy Bartholomew as my guest blogger. In this piece, she talks about how Mindfulness and Health Issues are linked:

Mindfulness and health issues

Each year, the week running up to my birthday is an opportunity for reflection and anticipation; a ‘lessons learned’ look back over the past year and a looking forward as I give thought to my hopes and dreams for the next year. This may seem like the antithesis of mindfulness, which is about experiencing the present in all its beauty – but this year for the first time (in as long as I can remember) I experience a deep feeling of gratitude for everything I am and have.

It can’t be a coincidence that in the last year one of my great achievements is to have discovered and begun to explore the practice of Mindfulness.

In the book Mindfulness – A Practical Guide To Finding Peace In A Frantic World’ by Mark Williams and Danny Penman, there is a chapter called ‘Waking Up To The Life You Have’. I came to this book after my diagnosis of Coeliac Disease and discovery of multiple associated food sensitivities. Having just taken a short course in Mindfulness, suddenly I had a tool to help me cope.

To be wonderfully present in the moment, to learn that each breath gives life, to still my mind and just be, to have a new perspective on events. All these benefits of Mindfulness gave me inner strength. They were part of the inner navigation that brought me through the difficult first few months. Thankfully I arrived on the other side of the transformation a person with a positive attitude and a determination to make the absolute best of the rest of my life.

Today I am truly grateful that after years of not knowing what was wrong with me, I have answers. I am truly grateful for my home, my friends and relatives; including a granddaughter who is having her first birthday this week. For the cycle of the seasons and the bountiful gifts of nature which each year blesses our allotment with too many runner beans.

Like Jack, I found gold in the most overlooked of places. I followed the Breath of Life and it led me to another place.

Judy Bartholomew, Free From with Attitude (unfortunately this link is no longer available)

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